Introducing Akiba Network: Network of Anime Bloggers

Continue with the release of our newsletter last week, I would like to introduce you our latest service: Akiba Network. Akiba Network features selected articles from the quality online publications with main focus on Anime, Manga, Games, Figures and Japanese Pop Culture. You may want to put it a quality aggregation of Anime, Japan and related posts. It’s currently in beta and we are still adding new features to it. Have any ideas? Contact us.
Akiba Network

Why Create a Network?

We have some alternatives out there. Like Anime Nano, by Danny. But none of them doing a good job, or what I want. Anime Nano has a good platform but burdensome since it has hundreds of blogs and it’s difficult to make your choices. simply don’t drive you traffic even though it has a much better platform and Danny has a great influence. What I want is only quality posts. It’s a really confusing situation in currently Anime blogs. We have tons of bloggers and have tons of posts everyday, with totally different quality.

To solve this problem. We ask our member only push quality posts to the Network, not the entire posts from their blogs. We also work closely with our weekly Newsletter. We hand pick 10 posts from our Network and promote them in our newsletter.

Locate Your Feed

We recommend bloggers to create a specific feed for Akiba Network. If you are running a blog, specify a certain keyword or category. For example, using tag or category “Akiba” for posts that you want to show on Akiba Network. It’s important since you may not always want your posts to be published on Akiba Network, or maybe some of your posts are just daily talks and may not be related to Akiba Network.

How to find your feed URL?

It depends on what platform you are using. You can simply navigate to the selected category of your blog and find the RSS/ATOM feed link somewhere. There is a tutorial telling you how to find feeds on WordPress and Blogspot. Also, there is a easiest way. Simply add the URL of your category page to Google Reader (or alternatives), they will automatically find it for you. If you cannot find it, you can leave the URL of the category or tag in our Join in Form, e.g.,, and we will find it our for you.

Some Notes

  • Avoid Feedburner or similar service. Our RSS aggregator retrieve redirect URL instead of the URL to your original post. You won’t get the back link in the first case.
  • Choose one category that is most relevant to your website or the feed you are providing.
  • We DO NOT accept content or RSS farm (?) or blog has posts that is not written by you or your members. We only accept original content.
  • Our police is strict in the Network and we want to present the quality content to our readers. Currently only English sites are accepted.
  • Your websites/blogs should be suitable for people of all age.

Join Akiba Network Now

Your can use the form below to join. Cannot see the form, click here.