Introducing Our Latest Service: Akiba Newsletter

I am happy to announce that today, we are launching the newest service Akiba Newsletter, a free newsletter that we send to our subscribers every weekend, with roundup of Anime, Figures and Japan related news and articles. We hope this service will help our friends to save time and at the same time have great experience for both work and this hobby. By sending to every subscribers at the weekend, Saturday in most cases, we provide our readers with a better experiences of browsing thru what’s new and what’s fun during the week in a more organized way. We have a sample newsletter and we just want to give you a feeling of how Akiba Newsletter works. Check it out.

Akiba Newsletter

Why Subscribe?

There are times when you have tons of work at hand but still want to know what’s happening around the Anime and Japanese pop culture industry. That’s the initial reason that we design this newsletter. It helps busy people who want to keep an eye on what’s happening in the Japanese subculture industry but have no much spare time for this little hobby. Every weekend, Saturday in most cases, we will gather important, interesting and relevant topics happened within the week and tune them into a comfortable for eye email and send it to our subscribers. With this tiny newsletter, you can get a clear view of what has happened in this week and pick the topics that are most interested to you. And of course, you are most welcomed to subscribe to the newsletter even you are not very busy :)

We not only include posts from TheAkiba, but also take a wide coverage across the web for interesting topics. If you have or find something interesting and would like to share with our readers, feel free to contact us.

Why Newsletter?

People may ask why don’t you use RSS Feed instead of newsletter. There are several reasons but the most important one is, your attitude towards RSS Feeds is totally different from Email. You may overlook the Feeds which stay at your Feed reader for days but you may check you Email on a daily base. We send out newsletter to your mailbox where you can take your time and skim through and find what most interest you during the weekend while enjoy your morning coffee. We are introducing a living experience more than a simple Email.

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