Introducing Series Card, Another Way of Exploring Anime

After several beta tests, I would like to bring the latest feature to our readers. Guess our regular readers have already noticed there are some kind of card things under some posts which contains the description, image and ratings of the series that were talked about in the articles. I called it Series Card, which contains the basic information you may want to know about the current series that is being discussed in the post, and it also gives you an overall idea of how everybody else like it (the little green bar). It’s a quite simple card but it will help you a lot if you haven’t watched the series before, and it updates real time across the site.

Introducing Series Card

As an Anime blogger, I always want to build some kind of database that can actually link back and forth within the site, thus our readers don’t need to click any external links to find what they need. However, building these kind of database are time consuming and somehow labor intensive. We do not have that kind of traffic like Wikipedia or Wikia which were basically built by the users. It’s a pain to all the individual bloggers. Thus I came up with this little idea, to combine the most necessary data together and show them to our readers in a tidy and non-intrusive way. Simple, fast and don’t need a lot of work.

The Series Card consists of several elements, and most of them and clickable, which means you can easily find similar genres if you are interested in the current Anime series. Currently, we have the following basic information listed:

  • Title of the series: of course.
  • Genres: Clickable, filterable, you can easily find series of the same genre.
  • Description: A very basic plot summary of the series, we know it’s not enough, so we are looking for better way to bring up a more detailed description.
  • Related links: All the useful links, the best part of the Series Card. You can find everything about the series you love on TheAkiba using these links.
  • Reader’s Score Bar: The little green bar that you can rate your favorite series. From 0 to 10 and the average point will be shown. It’s a quick way to know how others like it.
  • Our Score: The big number on the right hand side of the green bar. It’s the rating within all the members of TheAkiba. If the score is high, treat it as a recommended series from us!
  • Year: That’s the year when the Anime series was initial released. It the series has more than one season, it would be the date of the first season since we treat all the seasons of a series the same. And that’s why it is called Series Card.
  • Rating: One of the most important thing but easily overlooked. On TheAkiba, we use a combination of Japanese and U.S. rating system which will be more flexible. For more details about these ratings, check out our Rating System Page.
  • Image: Last but not least, of course we need an image. As most elements of the Series Card, the image is also clickable. One image is not enough? Well, we will try to find another way to bring more images to it.

The Series Card is just lovely. Probably the best thing I have ever built. To learn how it works, scroll down to the bottom of the post to see it in action.

Another Way to Use Series Card?

I did mention the Series Card updates real time, did I? Still remember a while ago we had a survey about the site performance. Some readers who took the survey told me that they found it difficult to find posts about the latest Anime, especially the new ones coming the or next season. I know our readers mean the New Anime Guide that we post every season, with a long list of new Anime coming and how we rate them. It’s a very useful list, at least to most of our readers. But one drop-back of these posts is, they are posts and we have to update them ourselves! Of course. That’s why I only have these posts published two or three weeks before the new season since it is the time that no more new series is going to add to the list and our readers are ready for the coming new season.

But we want to make things better. If you are an Anime lovers, you probably see those big images with all the Anime schedule in them. An image style of Anime schedule release is cute but is somehow time consume and not effective. An image is cool but you cannot click on the text on it, plus you will need to download it again every time a new series is updated. Those images are lovely. Probably we are going to create one someday. But we are all busy watching Anime and writing posts! So, we need to find a better solution. It should be as cool as an image, and as clickable as HTML links. Thus to me, a customized list of schedule is a better solution, so I decide to use the Series Card to build one.

In order to help our readers solve the problem and better navigate through the site, I build a simple gateway to let readers easily locate all the resource of the site. It’s already online now and you can check out the Winter schedule of all the new Anime series on this page.

 Are We Going to Build a ANN or MAL Clone?

Well, that sounds like a good idea despite the fact I don’t really want to get hacked that often. Currently we have no intention of turning the blog into a ANN or MAL clone, perhaps we don’t really have that much time to generate duplicated content, at least at this point of time. Thus instead, we simply introduce a quick and easy way to view the basic information of series we are currently talk about on our blog: Series Card. Readers who are interested in the topic can navigate through the card for more related posts, and series of similar genre and so forth. I think it’s a light way of incorporate features to the site without generating too many redundant content that may possibly attract the attention of the Panda. Even though most of the content and information in the card is from outer sources like the two big sites mentioned above, we are always doing our best to refine the language and simply yet enrich the reading experience. More features will be built in the series card when the community comes. Stay tuned with us.

We Are Looking for Talents

We do, and we always do. Interested in our ideas and want to join us? Well, why not give a shot by contacting us? TheAkiba is three years old. We have a giveaway here, join and win a Kuroneko figma! Want to learn how we are doing these days, check out our top posts last month and monthly stats of September 2011.

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