Is The Moe Genre Ruining Anime?

A big discussion is going on in the Anime industry at the moment and at the heart of it is Moe, That Discussion is whether the Moe Genre is Ruining Anime. On the defending side is Bou-Chi an active member of the Akiba saying that Anime is NOT ruining Anime Versus the attacker Grizzly Also an Active member of The Akiba Who Disagrees saying that it is in fact ruining Anime. Disclaimer: There are a lot of opinions thrown around in this Discussion so please be aware that we may not think like you, Thank You and Enjoy!


Grizzly: I’ll start off then, I think that the Moe Genre is ruining Anime.

Bou-chi: I disagree though.

Grizzly: How so?

Bou-chi: Yes, shows like K-ON! have influenced Moe shows but how many? Three or Four a season? That’s not really going to RUIN Anime.

Grizzly: Yes the influence hasn’t been going on for very long but the strong influence is still there and still going, think of the Winter season there are as many as 5 shows pandering to the Moe Genre market and still many to come in the Spring season.

Bou-chi: Do you think that there won’t be any shows that you won’t enjoy though? Take for example Clannad and Clannad: After Story. I haven’t met an Anime fan that hasn’t watched that show and liked it. Yes there was Moe in that show but the story and plot were amazing. According to my research, the sales for Moe shows aren’t as large in Japan as you think as well. They just seem important because of the popularity.

Grizzly: You can’t class Clannad or Clannad: After Story as a Moe show because it simply isn’t, it involves SOME Moe moments however so do a lot of shows Clannad is a Romance Anime, I am specifically talking about shows with no other reason to be aired other than to sell models of the characters such as K-ON! was, and the reason sales aren’t as large as most people expect is because the main selling point of these shows is the figures not the actual show.


Bou-chi: First off, Clannad is Moe. It has always been classified as Moe. It is part of the Genre and always will be. It does not have SOME Moe moments, it has a lot. Just think about Fuko for a minute. Practically all her scenes were Moe and she showed up a lot. Clannad did not ruin the Anime industry at all, it actually got me into the industry along with a lot more people I know and about the figures, I am not sure how that fits into the debate at all. The figures are not harming anyone nor are you forced to buy them. You are not even forced to watch the shows.

Grizzly: Fair point, but Clannad is not a primarily Moe Anime it is first and foremost a Romance Anime anyone can clearly see that as it comes from a Visual Novel, and the reason figures fit into this debate is because more Production company’s are seeing how well the figurines are selling of Moe characters and want to produce that same amount of revenue, so they produce more Moe shows to sell figurines of the characters thus saturating the market with sub par Anime pushing out potentially good shows or second seasons of other well received shows such as Hyouka.

Bou-chi: Yes, it is a Romance show but a huge part of it is Moe. And speaking of figures, I personally think that point is irrelevant  I don’t think figures are making that big an effect on the Moe production. Do you have any proof of that? Plus potentially good shows would not be pushed out if they are actually good. Hyouka on the other hand, received great anime sales and novel sales plus there are many rumors of a second season and a movie. You shouldn’t blame it on Moe shows. If anything why are you not blaming Ecchi shows as well? It’s the exact same concept! Ecchi shows rarely have any stories and the characters are always awful. The reason Ecchi shows air as well is because they just want sales (such as poster sales) which are gobbled up as well! Just as much as figures! Just look at Zero no Tsukaima. The show is awful and got a total of FOUR seasons plus many specials.


Grizzly: Fair point, however good shows ARE being pushed out because of the low production costs of Moe shows, If a company has a chance to make more money selling a Moe show than it does selling an Action show than damn right they are going to do it!, and I do agree that Ecchi shows are on the same lines of Moe, saturating the market with sub par Anime for the sole reason of making money However that is not what we are debating about!, Also you can’t push aside the fact that selling merchandise isn’t a HUGE part of why company’s produce Anime, think back to when a certain type of Anime makes it big, there will without a doubt be multiple copy’s of the same idea put into production just because of how well that Anime sells, Like how Lucky Star! was a huge hit and now we have to suffer through multiple shows with the same concept, The Moe genre.

Bou-chi: I just think that this is exactly like saying Sex and Nudity is ruining Hollywood movies. See? You agree with me about Ecchi shows. It’s the exact same thing! Why are you not blaming Ecchi shows? There are a lot more Ecchi shows than Moe shows. Why are you only blaming Moe, huh? You can’t only blame the merchandise. Yes, merchandise is a big part of it all but you have no solid proof. Where are your ratings?My other point is that you can’t blame ALL Moe on this problem! ALL Moe is different and are for different appeals. Clannad, Nohada even Steins;Gate are VERY Moe. Moe is blended into series all the time.

Grizzly: I am not blaming the concept of Moe, I am blaming shows with no Plot, drive or purpose such as Lucky Star! or K-ON!, because of the popularity of shows like these we are now saturated with shows trying to imitate these for nothing more than the money. My most important point here, the aspect of Moe isn’t ruining Anime, Shows which only purpose is to do nothing but showcase Moe characters is ruining Anime, I can name multiple shows that do this.

Bou-chi: That’s my problem with your point. You shouldn’t blame MOE on all this. Moe itself is not bad.

Grizzly: I wasn’t I was blaming the Moe GENRE for ruining Anime not Moe itself.

Bou-chi: Again, nothing wrong with the Moe GENRE  just some Moe SHOWS. Are you telling me that all Ecchi shows have a plot? there are usually more Ecchi shows in a season than Moe and a lot of the times the Moe is actually good while the Ecchi rarely is.


Grizzly: Opinion based.

Bou-chi: Why is Moe getting all the hate when other Genres are also responsible then?

Grizzly: Because Moe is whats popular right now, some people do hate Ecchi, but because at the moment Moe is what most seasons are full of it gets the brunt of the hate There are less and less Ecchi shows each season and more and more Moe shows hence people are focusing there attention on Moe instead of Ecchi also you can’t say that all Ecchi shows are bad and all Moe shows are good because that is purely opinion based.

Bou-chi: You can’t say the opposite either.

Grizzly: I am not, I just pointed out shows that I dislike that are purely Moe I love Haruhi Suzumiya and that is a Moe show.

Bou-chi: That was opinion based.

Grizzly: Because no matter what it is someone likes it, Anyway, where getting off topic.

Bou-chi: Please take a look at Azumanga Daioh, have you watched the show?

Grizzly: No I haven’t.

Bou-chi: Azumanga Daioh sold a lot of merchandise and is extremely popular in America that was a Moe show an it didn’t get a sequel even though it was popular, proving not all Moe shows get sequels.

Grizzly: No your right they don’t, but shows like K-ON! which didn’t need or deserve a sequel got one, is that right?

Bou-chi: Yup but again, we shouldn’t blame that on the Moe genre because a lot of really good Moe shows don’t get sequels and such. All except the really bad ones…What I am thinking right now is that you don’t think Moe is ruining Anime but shows that are like K-ON! and Lucky Star. You shouldn’t judge shows in that way. You said you hated Tamako Market right? How many episodes did you give it?

Grizzly: 3 Episodes.

Bou-chi: That’s not enough though.

Grizzly: It is, you get a basic idea for where the plot is going, what the characters are like and the overall quality of the show, I watched enough of Tamako Market to know I wouldn’t like it.

Bou-chi: Then that’s clearly your problem. Some people legitimately enjoy that show! Sharif and I being one of them.


Grizzly: A lot of people legitimately enjoy K-ON! that doesnt make it a good show.

Bou-chi: Another one of my points is that we are still getting a lot of good shows. Sure, the last two Seasons have been crap but that happens every now and then. Moe has been around for a long time yet we still are getting a lot of good shows.

Grizzly: The Moe I am referencing the kind where the characters do nothing but sit around and be cute hasn’t been around long, Moe as a whole may have been around for a long time but shows like K-ON! haven’t.

Bou-chi: Then again, don’t blame the whole Genre, Moe is Moe.

Grizzly: Moe is life…, but seriously, I have said multiple times I am not blaming Moe as a Whole.

Bou-chi: I think that the Moe/Slice of Life genre is ruining Anime”-GrizzlyYou can’t just say Moe genre and say I am not blaming the Genre as a whole.

Grizzly: “I am not blaming the concept of Moe”-GrizzlyI am blaming shows with no Plot, drive or purpose such as Lucky Star! or K-ON!

Bou-chi: Then just blame Lucky Star and K-ON!

Grizzly: I can’t JUST blame them because show’s LIKE them are still being released, Like Tamako Market.

Bou-chi: You can’t say I think the Moe genre is ruining Anime because when you say that, you’re blaming Moe as a whole. no matter what you say to defend it, you can’t just say Moe GENRE.

Grizzly: When I say Moe Genre I think shows like Lucky Star, when you say it you mean ANY show that has Moe in it, that’s not right.

Bou-chi: That’s the main problem with this discussion, everyone’s perception of Moe is different and that’s why there is a lot of arguments.

Grizzly: That is true, in the end, this argument has no right answer anyway because it is all purely opinion based.

Bou-chi: yup, I think you made a lot of excellent points I never really thought of before.

Grizzly: Same to you
So in the end
You like Moe and I don’t
but we both love Anime as a whole.

Bou-chi: Hell yeah.

Well That was what we thought feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below, Thanks for Reading! and Hopefully we will bring you more discussions like these in the future. Thanks To Bou-chi for all her help finding the Awesome pics and for the very interesting Debate.