January 2013 New Anime Guide

It’s winter again, and wonder how you guy like the new Anime in the previous season. We have a great variety of genres in this winter, including some of our long-waited series like Minami-ke, Chihayafuru and Haganai, and a bunch of Harem series like OreShura and idol Anime like Love Live! and AKB0048. Of course, we cannot fail to mention our most expected series Tamako Market from Kyoto Animation again, wonder what kind of surprise they will bring us after continue with Hyouka and Chuunibyou. Well, guess we are going to have a really busy winter. Meanwhile, we are prepare to launch a brand new forum in the coming weeks and if you are interested in get involved in the mod team, chat with us on Twitter.

Boku no Imouto wa

Boku no Imouto wa “Osaka Okan” / 僕の妹は「大阪おかん」 (12 eps)

Links: Official Website | On Air: December 21, 2012

Kyousuke has been living apart from his younger sister Namika for ten years. One day, he begins to live with her, but she has turned into an energetic tsundere Osaka girl.

Nekomonogatari (Black)

Nekomonogatari (Black) / 猫物語(黒) (4 eps)

Links: Official Website, Preview | On Air: December 31, 2012

Black serves as a second prologue to the series, taking place chronologically between Kizumonogatari and Bakemonogatari. White was written from the perspective of Hanekawa.

Puchimas! -Petit Idolm@ster-

Puchimas! -Petit Idolm@ster- / ぷちます!-プチ・アイドルマスター- (? eps)

Links: Official Website | On Air: January 1, 2013

rom the popular game THE IDOLM@STER comes a 4-koma spin-off that’s cute and soothing! The setting remains the same as the aforementioned franchise. One day, 765 Pro idols Ami and Mami bring in to the office the mysterious Petit-dolls “Afuu” and “Yukipo.” Thereafter more and more Petit-dols are brought into the office where everyone works. Together they leisurely enjoy their daily lives full of laughs and happenings.

Yama no Susume

Yama no Susume / ヤマノススメ (12 eps)

Links: Official Website, Preview | On Air: January 2, 2013

The story revolves around the childhood friends Aoi, a girl who prefers staying inside and who has acrophobia, and Hinata, a girl who loves mountains. The two decide to climb a mountain in order to once again see the morning sun from its peak as they did when they were young.


Mangirl! / まんがーる! (? eps)

Links: Official Website | On Air: January 2, 2013

The story revolves around editor-in-chief Hana and her associates in their strive for publishing the #1 Manga magazine — even with the lack of experience. Girls without any Manga editing experience launch a new Manga magazine.

Ai Mai Mi

Ai Mai Mi / あいまいみー (13 eps)

Links: Official Website | On Air: January 3, 2013

The story follows girls in a manga club —Ai, Mai, Mii, and Ponoka-sempai—who might be fighting evil invaders threatening Earth, facing off against rivals in tournaments, and dealing with other absurd situations when they are not drawing manga.

Cuticle Detective Inaba

Cuticle Detective Inaba / キューティクル探偵因幡 (12 eps)

Links: Official Website | On Air: January 4, 2013

The story revolves around Hiroshi Inaba, a private detective, and part-wolf-part-human being who was created artificially. Hiroshi runs his own detective agency and solves cases with the help of his cross-dressing secretary Yuuta, and Kei, a “relatively normal” teenager. The plot centres on Hiroshi and the gang trying to arrest his arch-nemesis Don Valentino, a mastermind goat with a taste for money (literally).

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha / まおゆう魔王勇者 (12 eps)

Links: Official Website, Preview | On Air: January 4, 2013

The story is set in a world embroiled by war between Humans and Demons. The Humans’ greatest hero invades the Demon Queen’s castle determined to vanquish her. However, instead of fighting back, the Queen proposes an alliance with the Hero. She explains how a sudden end to the war can bring further chaos to the world as the Humans once united to stand against their common enemies would eventually begin fighting among themselves, with similar issues already occurring at the Demon Realm. Convinced by her words, the Hero joins forces with the Queen and together they execute a plan to bring prosperity and a lasting peace to both Humans and Demons alike.

Da Capo III

Da Capo III / D.C.III ~ダ・カーポIII~ (12 eps)

Links: Official Website, Preview | On Air: January 5, 2013

The sakura that bloomed year-round are now a thing of the past and Hatsunejima is now known as an island that shows that beauty of each season. Kiyotaka is a second-year student at Kazami Gakuen who is part of the news club along with the school idol Rikka, his imouto-like osananajimi Himeno, his mixed-race cousin Charles, hard-working kouhai who skipped a grade and is in his class Sara, and energetic in spirit but weak in body Aoi.

Unlike in the past, there are no more mysterious things happening on the island. That was until one winter day when the sakura began to bloom. All the news club members got a message on their cell phones telling them to do something at a promised place when the sakura begins to bloom. They couldn’t make out the rest of the message, but are surprised that it was dated 1951. Rikka was extremely curious about the message and the sudden blooming of the sakura, so she called on everyone to solve the mystery with her.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru / 俺の彼女と幼なじみが修羅場すぎる (12 eps)

Links: Official WebsitePreview | On Air: January 5, 2013

A young boy called Eita enters high school aiming for the National University School of Medicine. Because of his parents’ divorce and his goal, he shuns anything to do with romance or love. One day Masuzu, the school beauty with the silver hair, who’s just returned to the country, enters his life in a most unexpected way. Chiwa, his childhood friend since elementary school, will not let this go without a fight.

Minami-ke Tadaima

Minami-ke Tadaima (4th Season) / みなみけ ただいま (12 eps)

Links: Official WebsitePreview | On Air: January 5, 2013

The slice of life comedy focuses on the everyday life of three sisters: Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki Minami.

AKB0048 Second Stage

AKB0048 Second Stage (13 eps)

Links: Official Website | On Air: January 5, 2013

At the start of the 21st century, an interplanetary war broke out. Earth’s ecosystem was severely damaged, and humanity was forced to flee the planet. In several planets of this new society, things that “disturb the heart” like music and art are forbidden. 48 years later, the legendary idol group AKB48 is resurrected as the interplanetary troupe AKB0048, made up of girls who carry on the title and spirit of the original members. Held as heroines by some and labeled as terrorists by others, they must take up arms to bring their music to their fans wherever they are. The story follows a group of young hopefuls as they train to become the next generation of AKB0048.

Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun

Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun / 八犬伝 -東方八犬異聞- (12 eps)

Links: Official Website | On Air: January 5, 2013

Five years ago, almost every villager of Ootsuka died due to a tragic plague. But mysteriously enough, three survivors: a girl and two boys, emerged. Now living in a church, the three live in isolation, hidden from those who may seek to find them. Shino, one of the survivors, has control over the power of Murasame, the blade of life. But when the imperial church seeks to take the Murasame for themselves, their peaceful life becomes a thing of the past…

Senran Kagura

Senran Kagura / 閃乱カグラ (12 eps)

Links: Official WebsitePreview | On Air: January 6, 2013

There was a time when there were ninja serving the powerful, hired for intelligence missions, destruction, or assassination. While the times have changed, the need for ninja has not vanished. In a particular school, there are girls who are secretly in training to become ninja. Ninjas-in-training, Asuka, Katsuragi, Hibari, Ikaruga, and Yagiyuu each have a secret technique scroll that they protect at all times. This features their tumultuous school life as they pursue the path of the ninja!

Love Live!

Love Live! / ラブライブ! School idol project (12 eps)

Links: Official WebsitePreview | On Air: January 6, 2013

The project revolves around a group of fictional school girls who become idols in order to save their school.


AMNESIA / アムネシア (12 eps)

Links: Official Website | On Air: January 7, 2013

In the morning of August 1st, a girl wakes up to find she has lost all the memory before the day. A boy appears in front of her and tells her that he is a spirit Orion and he comes to help her collect the memory. One day, she receives a phone call from an unknown man. He says he is her lover. She struggles not to let him notice that she doesn’t remember him but…

Zettai Karen Children

Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke / 絶対可憐チルドレン THE UNLIMITED 兵部京介 (12 eps)

Links: Official Website | On Air: January 7, 2013

They’re cute, adorable and three of the most powerful Espers the world has ever seen: Kaoru, the brash psychokinetic who can move objects with her mind; Shiho, the sarcastic and dark natured psychometric able to pick thoughts from people’s minds and read the pasts of inanimate objects like a book; and Aoi, the most collected and rational of the three, who has the ability to teleport herself and the others at will. So what to do with these potential psychic monsters in the making? Enter B.A.B.E.L., the Base of Backing ESP Laboratory, where hopefully “The Children” and others like them can become part of the answer to an increasing wave of psychic evolution. It’s a win-win solution… Unless you’re Koichi Minamoto, the overworked young man stuck with the unenviable task of field commanding a team of three pre-teen girls!

Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman

Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman / 幕末義人伝 浪漫 (12 eps)

Links: Official Website | On Air: January 7, 2013

The story takes place in Kyoto in the late 19th century. Manjiro has two faces. During the day, he works as a helper for people in Kyoto, but he also acts in secret to get back people’s properties from the men in power. As the get-backer “Roman,” Manjiro is getting involved in a nationwide conspiracy.


Senyuu. / 戦勇. (12 eps)

Links: Official Website | On Air: January 8, 2013

Satan Rchimedes returns to the earth after being sealed for one thousand years by a hero. The King tries to seal Satan once again by dispatching descendants of the hero. However, it’s troublesome to find the genuine descendants, the king chooses 75 hero-like people. This is an adventure of Alba, the hero No.45, and an his monitoring fighter Ross.

Tamako Market

Tamako Market / たまこまーけっと (12 eps)

Links: Official WebsitePreview | On Air: January 9, 2013

Tamako is a mochi-loving high-school freshman whose family runs a mochi (rice cake) shop in a certain town’s shopping district. She enjoys her high school life with her friends Midori and Kanna in the badminton club. She also helps out at her family’s shop and develops new mochi.


GJ-bu / GJ部 (? eps)

Links: Official Website | On Air: January 9, 2013

TV anime adaptation of the GJ-bu moe light novel series, dubbed as the “first four-panel novel”, where each story is only four pages long with illustrations.


Sasami-san@Ganbaranai / ささみさん@がんばらない (12 eps)

Links: Official WebsitePreview | On Air: January 10, 2013

The story follows a hikikomori (shut-in) named Sasami who is unmotivated about even changing clothes or eating. Her brother takes care of her, even though she despises his slave-like nature. Sasami spends her days viewing the outside world via a “Brother Surveillance Tool” on her computer. In the outside world, the three beautiful Yagami sisters and Sasami’s brother are in the middle of relationships worthy of a romantic comedy.

Vividred Operation

Vividred Operation / ビビッドレッド・オペレーション (? eps)

Links: Official WebsitePreview | On Air: January 10, 2013

The story is set in a futuristic and peaceful world made possible thanks to the invention of the “Expression Engine”, which solved an energy crisis five years prior. When a strange alien force threatens the world, a young girl named Akane Isshiki takes up a battle suit and takes the threat on.

Haganai Next

Haganai Next / 僕は友達が少ないNEXT (? eps)

Links: Official WebsitePreview | On Air: January 10, 2013

Hasegawa Kodaka has transferred schools, and he’s having a hard time making friends. It doesn’t help that his blond hair tends to make people think he’s a delinquent. One day, he runs into his bad-tempered solitary classmate Yozora while she’s talking animatedly to her imaginary friend Tomo. Realizing that neither of them have any actual friends, they decide that the best way to alter this situation is to form a club and start recruiting.

That is how “Rinjinbu”, The Neighbours’ Club, was formed, a club specifically designed for people who don’t have very many friends. As other lonely classmates slowly join their little club, they’ll try to learn how to build friendships through cooking together, playing games, and other group activities. But will this group of relationship-challenged misfits really be able to get along?


Kotoura-san / 琴浦さん (12 eps)

Links: Official WebsitePreview | On Air: January 10, 2013

A school love comedy. Kotoura Haruka is a 15-year-old girl who can read people’s minds. She has been suffering from troubles caused by her mind-reading ability, and her parents got divorced as a result. She moves to a new high school but tries to keep away from her classmates. Manabe Yoshihisa, one of her classmates, accepts and appreciates her ability and she begins to interact with her friends with his help.

Mondaiji tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru sodesuyo?

Mondaiji tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru sodesuyo? / 問題児たちが異世界から来るそうですよ? (? eps)

Links: Official WebsitePreview | On Air: January 11, 2013

Sakamaki Izayoi is a 17 year old boy who is bored with life in the ordinary world because he has a tremendous supernatural power. One day, he is invited to an external world called “Miniature Garden” by a girl known as Black Rabbit. She summons two more girls, who also have almighty psychic powers. She says the Deamon King deprived her community of the territory and asks the three ‘mondaiji (problem children)’ to help rebuild the community. Izayoi makes an unexpected reply: “Let’s defeat the Deamon King!” Now the three montaiji participate in the “Gift Game” battles against devils, gods, and monsters in the fantasy world.

Chihayafuru 2

Chihayafuru 2 / ちはやふる2 (? eps)

Links: Official WebsitePreview | On Air: January 11, 2013

Chihaya is a lighthearted tomboy, who’s not especially good at anything in particular. Her dream has always been for her sister (an aspiring model) to become number one beauty in Japan, or perhaps in the world. But then one day she meets someone who tells her that a dream is something that should concern only herself – and something she has to work hard for as well. At the same time Chihaya discovers a passion for the old Japanese game – hyakunin isshu, also called “karuta”.

Ishida to Asakura

Ishida to Asakura / 石田とあさくら (? eps)

Links: Official Website | On Air: January, 2013

Anime adaptation of the surreal gag manga about two high school boys, Ishida and Asakura.

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