K-ON! Movie Blu-ray in July

We are more than happy to learn that the Blu-ray/DVD of the movie of TV Anime K-ON! will be coming this summer, on July 18. With a box office revenue of 1.7 billion yen (21 million USD), K-ON! is the most successful Anime movie last year. The reason behind the success, which may hugely result in the story and character that are supported by a huge fan base. Even people who don’t usually watch Anime find themselves enjoy the series. As we discussed before about why people love K-ON!, 37% of K-ON! fans are women and 15% of the audience of K-ON! don’t watch Anime frequently.

K ON! Movie Blu ray in July

Last but not least, based on the fact that the company has made so much money, probably it’s time to consider a third season. However, we don’t have any news about a new season, and if you are interested in the show, probably you should consider include Kokoro Connect  to your summer watch list.

Source: Yaraon