Kantai Collection TV Anime in Summer 2014

During the Kadokawa Game Studio Media Briefing 2013 Autumn event in Tokyo Japan yesterday, a TV Anime adaptation of Kantai Collection (Combined Fleet Collection / 艦隊これくしょん, or short for KanColle / 艦これ) was announced and will be aired in Summer net year, around July 2014. For those who are not aware of the work, KanColle is a online social card game created by Kadokawa Games and distributed by DMM. Though the game was launched only in April this year, it quickly gains reputation and now has more than 800,000 registered users and you should be able to see lots of related fan arts, Doujin works and magazine reports these days.

Like other social card games, KanColle runs on a freemium model and is built upon a card battle system, with individual characters (of course, cute girls) representing all kinds of naval warships during World War 2. Known as Kanmusu (艦娘, Fleet girls), player plays a role as admiral and builds his or her own warships to complete all kinds of missions. You can also get to interact with Kanmusu and listen to their beautiful voice or enjoy the fan service of clothes torn off. But sadly, if you are outside Japan, you will not be able to get access to the service but you could try to use Proxy or VPN services.

KanColle Shimakaze

Meanwhile besides the TV Anime coming soon, a new PSP Vita game will also be released next year.

Source: Official Website