Kara no Kyoukai : Chapter 4 – Garan no Do – Coming Soon


May 24th. 2008, the day when the fourth chapter of Kara no Kyoukai on show in the cinema. Actually, the DVD version of the movie was planned to released on the September 13rd. 2008, but the schedule seems been delated.

In the fourth chapter, Shiki was in hospital for 2 years after that night (you should know the story since it’s the continue of the second chapter). When she woke up, she found out the other part of herself (another Shiki) has gone. Feeling empty and depress, Shiki did’t know what had happened to her (memory lost) until she met Toko. Shiki finally made up her decision and fight against her destiny with the ability of seeing death line of everything.

The story is slowly but smoothly coming to dark part of the novel. According to the Net Drama, the length of the movie will be longer in the following chapter while the whole thing seems hard for me to wait for another few months.