Light Novel Kokoro Connect Anime Adaptation Announced

According to the Gamers, light novel series Kokoro Connect (ココロコネクト, lit. Heart Connect) is green-lit for Anime. One of the highlight is that the illustration of the novel has a extremely similar character design as K-ON! which took me a while to identify. If you take a look at the following promotion video without notice, you probably end up with a conclusion that K-ON! (けいおん) is going to have a love comedy series. That is because the illustrator (Horiguchi Yukiko, 堀口 悠紀子) of the light novel happened to be the same person as the character designer of Anime K-ON!. Similarly, the Anime of the series will be produced by Kyoto Animation, which more or less increase our confidence, even they produced something like Nichijou before. If you like the K-ON! cute style and like to see a short hair version of Mio and long hair version of Ritsu, wait for more updates coming.

Written by Sadanatsu Anda (庵田 定夏), Kokoro Connect is a 5-way love pentagon comedy revolves around three girls and two boys. At clubhouse room 401, there gathers “anything goes” members of the culture study society. Pro-wrestling otaku Taichi Yaegashi, mysterious beauty Iori Nagase, cool Himeko Inaba, the clown Yoshifumi Aoki and fancy-loving Yui Kiriyama found the noisy but calm days suddenly come to a halt. The personality switched among the members. The unnatural days of changinging into “someone” by getting back to “themselves” by becoming “someone else” has started! (Plot via MAL)

These are all the information we have currently. So far, still no idea in what type the Anime will be present. It could be either a TV Aime or a movie instead. Stay tuned, will bring more updates.