Mirai Nikki EP2: Terms of the Contract

The episode starts off as Yuki is rudely reintroduced to the complex power of the Mirai Nikki as he receives his 40th email from Yuno, despite never having given it out. The following day, Yuki goes to school and receives the news that his Homeroom teacher Hiyama-sensei is absent and that substitute teacher will be currently taking his place. While in class, Yuki furiously scours for ideas on how to control his Mirai Nikki and reluctantly decides to consult Yuno for advice with no other options.

Unable to talk with Yuno until after PE class, however, Yuki waits alone in the classroom when suddenly a mysterious girl walks in and asks Yuki for directions to the Teacher’s Room, on the basis that she is investigating Hiyama-sensei. The girl then reveals that Hiyama Takao (the homeroom teacher) is actually a Serial Killer and the “Third” Mirai Nikki Owner before continuing to explain knowing everything about Yuki being the “First” Mirai Nikki Owner.

Immediately afterwards, Yuki receives a sickening Mirai Nikki prediction stating that he was going to meet his “Dead End” that day at 14:04. The assailant proceeds to attack Yuki but is stopped by Yuno who comes to rescue Yuki as she had received a similar prediction of his endangerment. The mysterious girl identifies herself as Uryuu Minene—terrorist and the “Ninth” Mirai Nikki Owner .

Uryuu has planted bombs all over the school, set to blow up if anyone were to move about. A series of bombs then begin to explode causing chaos and killing many students. Although Yuki and Yuno managed to escape the blast unscathed, Yuki becomes frustrated at his fear of dying but Yuno comforts him and gives him a kiss. Together Yuki and Yuno work together to find safety away from the explosions by using the combined force of their Mirai Nikkis. In route to safety, the two become trapped, prompting Yuki to confess to Yuno his desire to never to be just a bystander, but instead to exemplify confidence (he had even loved a girl) and he wishes to change himself.

Invigorated and back inside the school, Yuki and Yuno continue to make their way through the halls but everything suddenly comes to a stop when Uryuu threatens to detonate all bombs unless Yuki and his phone are handed over—his classmates are all to eager to betray Yuki and Yuno so save their lives. Making a quick escape, the two make a run in with Kurusu, the “fourth” Mirai Nikki owner who holds Yuki at gunpoint, but is surprisingly doing so in an attempt to protect him. Kurusu then tells Uryuu that he was going to arrest her but she deploys a smoke screen and escapes on motorcycle.

After all these events Yuki, Yuno and Kurusu meet together in what’s left of the school building. Kuru tells Yuki and Yuno that he does not desire the power of God, but instead wants to use his Mirai Nikki to capture the other Mirai Nikki “Owners” and to stop the “Game”. Together Yuki, Yuno and Kurusu form a “Mirai Nikki Alliance” dedicated to stopping Deus’ Game. Yuno receives a prediction saying that “Yuki ends up with Yuno. HAPPY END”, closing the series with a notable cliffhanger and a moe blush.


Mirai Nikki sure is an anime full of plot twists—fortunately one of my favorite kinds! This episode has a lot of gore and bloodshed, almost too much, really. To me Yuki and Yuno seem to embody the ‘so far yet so close to each other’ cliche, though the combination of Yuki and Yuno is amazing as they can always protect each other from evil. What’s funny is that Yuki is scared of Yuno being his stalker but he still kisses her anyways :) Overall, I really like Mirai Nikki and will watch it to the end, yet it will probably take a few more seasons for the whole anime to complete.