Mirai Nikki EP 3: Early Predicament

Episode 03 starts off with Yuki and Yuno at an amusement park, sent by Keigo so as to lure in Uryuu, the Ninth Mirai Nikki owner. In the mean time, we are treated to a few great romantic moments as the two explore the many attractions. While riding the giant wheel, Yuki inquires of Yuno as to why she always keeps such a close tab on him, prompting an unexpected response detailing a promise that had been made a year prior in which she promised to be Yuki’s future bride. Even after hearing a blatant confessions of sorts, Yuki still has his doubts that Yuno may be concealing more than she is letting on.

Yuki and Yuno at Amusement Park

Elesewhere, Uryuu is in hiding, desperately trying to find a viable escape route to escape the clutches of the police. After Uryuu fails to show up, Yuno and Yuki leave the amusement park to head home. On the way they see numerous police officers stationed at every corner, thoroughly searching for the elusive offender. After arriving at her home, Yuno offers to prepare a snack while Yuki searches aimlessly for a restroom. In his search, Yuki inadvertently stumbles into a room filled with multiple corpses—enough to cause any unsuspecting human to drop his pants and flee the premise. With discovery of this hidden room, the “Fate” or “Predictions” of all the Mirai Nikki owners to alter greatly, creating a rift in the “Time Space Continuum”.

Yuki and Yuno

Shifting back to Uryuu’s point-of-view, as she is currently with the Mysterious Man, who offers Uryuu painkillers so to lessen the pain to the injury to her eye. As it would turn out, the medication instead causes paralysis, ushering in a melodramatic reveal as the man identifies himself as a Mirai Nikki owner just before proceeding to rip Uryuu’s damaged eye from its socket (OMG!).

The Mysterious Psycho

As the story progresses, it quickly becomes apparent that Mirai Nikki is not the simple contest it first appeared to be, now revealing dramatic plot twists and characters that are psychotic to a notable extent. For the avid yandere lover, this might be up your alley, however for the majority, the gore scenes are truly gruesome and there only promises to be more to come.