Mirai Nikki Mid Roundup

Time sure flies—Mirai Nikki has already completed airing half of its intended episodes, at least for this, its first season. Due to me being busy preparing for my finals, I’ve hardly had time to keep up on the weekly reviews, so dear readers and TA fans, yurushite! Picking up from where I left off in episode 07, Mirai Nikki has definitely introduced many surprises, from stalkers and murderers to terrorists and psychos, really covering it all. What intrigues me is the ability of the anime to balance its fast-paced sequences with the more gentle lovey-dovey scenes in equal doses. Even Yuno, yes, Yuno the crazy-in-love psychotic stalker murderer does go overboard sometimes, but that’s what makes the anime exciting. Yuki on the other hand, is a normal boy trying to fall in love with a “normal” girl, unfortunately Yuno’s erratic behavior tends to hinder his goal.

In the last episode we were introduced to Reisuke, a sadistic young boy and Mirai Nikki owner. Reisuke possesses extraordinary intelligence for his age and even is able to fool Yuno and Yuki into many of his elaborate traps. Even though the protagonists end up victorious, I must applaud Reisuke for his persistence and chastise Yuno for delivering an unrestrained hammer blow to Yuki’s mother (O.o). By sending the diary entries to himself by post, Reisuke was able to fool Yuki and Yuno into wild goose chase complete with eminent danger and poison gas for good measure. After which, Uryuu gives Yuki the advice to steer clear of Yuno for his own good—a decision that proves remarkably sound.

Further along, Yuki and Yuno are prompted into transferring to a new school where they surprisingly meets some of the very students who tried to kill him earlier during the terrorist attacks within the previous school. Among the group is Akise Aru, a timid boy that prefers to keep to the shadows. While visiting a nearby crime scene later that day, Yuki receives a diary entry predicting the death of a classmate (Hinata) shortly after she wanders from view. Everyone quickly dashes to the scene, but upon arrival they discover Hinata’s seemingly dead body before a pack of vicious dogs who had metal jaws and teeth. Suddenly, Aru appears to guide the bystanders to safety, however as Yuki mistakenly reveals his Mirai Nikki in an attempt to ward off the dog’s attacks, prompting classmate Mao to retrieve his diary at knifepoint, placing it in the hands of the mastermind of the operation, Hinata—owner of the Breeder Diary, who is alive and well.

Yuki and Yuno having a mock wedding

Hinata’s diary was obtained from her father, a dog breeder, in an attempt to eliminate Aru, though her confrontation in the form of a game of sorts, yields nothing but loss. As we see in near every episode, Yuki’s open attempts to make alliances tend to backfire, yet he continues to make the same mistake. In the same spirit, Yuki decides to return to Hinata with the intention of reasoning to preserve Mao’s life, but Yuno makes the first move, threatening to kill Hinata as well as anyone who attempts to come between her and Yuki. Unable to invent a better solution, Yuki decides to proclaim his love for Yuno, resulting in episode 10—a cute episode in which Yuki and Yuno attend a pretend wedding ceremony. As you would expect, there were a lot of kisses and lovey-dovey scenes and not much else.

Yuno and Keigo playing Russian Roulette

In contrast, the story takes on a serious tone in episode 11, again stating with a flashback with Keigo and Uryuu forming an alliance to stop Yuki and Yuno. As the leads find themselves in the interrogation room, Keigo treachery becomes apparent when he instigates a game of Russian Roulette. Having used her diary to reveal Keigo’s flaws earlier, Yuno manages to escape, temporarily subjugating Keigo and rescuing Yuki. Unbeknownst to the escapees, Yuki’s panicked shot towards an officer had qualified both as criminals able to be tracked using Keigo’s Investigation Diary. Further along during the chase, Uryuu appears in ambush to trap Yuki and Yuno in a room by destroying the majority of the floor—comedically made worse as Yuki’s carelessness causes more of the floor to collapse. On the bright side, his actions disabled Uryuu and forced a “treaty” to be forged in exchange for safety.

Keigo captures and threatens to kill Yuno

With their “DEAD END” foretold in all three diaries, Uryuu takes the offensive by entering the hospital to take hostage Keigo’s wife and son. However, Keigo refuses to negotiate—a decision that is given leverage when Yuki ignorantly finds himself tackled by a SWAT officer, giving Keigo the opportunity to apprehend him. As always in the nick of time, Yuno appears heroically (or maniacally) threatens to detonate a grenade given to her earlier by Uryuu. Keigo, regresses but Yuno attempts to detonate the device, which proved to be a harmless flashbang. A subsequent explosion draws Uryuu—who in her attempted escape was captured yet again by Nishijima—to find Keigo threatening to slit Yuno’s throat if Yuki does not kill himself. Despite a suspense-filled dilemma involving a lose-lose situation, Yuki makes a risky shot at Keigo and manages to injure him in time for Nishijima to make an arrest (not exactly the best way to subjugate an attempted murderer). After his capture, Keigo does attempt to make amends, giving son to Uryuu and mustering an apology for Yuki. The final twist comes at the end where Aru echoes Uryuu’s earlier advice by sending Yuki a message warning him of Yuno, but she manages to intercept and delete before it is read. From these episodes it has become apparent that a diary will stop working if the owner discontinues his work/job/hobby, as in Keigo’s case where his diary ceased working after his arrest. Mirai Nikki has greatly evolved into quite a complex series and I’m interested to see where the most recent discoveries take us.