Mouretsu Pirates Movie Announced, No Second Season

According to the official website, the movie of TV Anime Mouretsu Pirates (モーレツ宇宙海賊, Bodacious Space Pirates) was just announced. We talked about the rumor of a second season of the series. But instead of a second season, we are going to have a movie, again. As one of my favorite series among the January 2012 Anime, am pretty satisfied with the announcement, though would very much prefer a second season. The same announcement was made on the official Twitter account of the series as well. So far, no other information was released and we will sure to bring up the date of the premiere.

Mouretsu Pirates Movie Announced

Overall, it is quite a good series and I really like it. For folks outside Japan, guess most of us haven’t had a chance to watch the final episode which is coming out this weekend. So, enjoy the show and, of course, to expect the upcoming movie.

Source: Official Website, Yaraon