My Impressions on Anime Scans/Gallery Websites

TheAkiba Anime Gallery

Summary: This is a gallery belongs to, focusing on collecting and sharing of Japanese style anime scans, wallpapers, CG, illustrations, Doujinshi and artbooks. It was built up only three months ago, and now it consists over 150 illustrators and all together 30,000 scans. If you like the gallery, please help us to promote it!

Pro Side: Basically all full collection of artbooks and doujinshi, hard to find anywhere else on the net. Clearly classified and suitable for different ages (you should pay attention to the Terms of Services and the Tag in front of the title marking [18+] which is only suitable for mature viewers)

Con Side: Need to register to view full size images. The gallery is sorted by the names of illustrators, you may find a little bit difficult to find what you need, but you can always use the search function, entering English, Japanese, Circle and anime series name and you will sure find what you need. The gallery is powered by Gallery2 and I sometimes find it unable to access, probably because of those huge numbers of scans items. If you find anything wrong, just tell me.

Certificate of Age: R-15 (Recommend), R-18

Yes We Can! – Minitokyo

Summary: Minitokyo is probably my favorite one among all, and it is also the first anime gallery website I found. You may find whatever scans you need here (no pron, very strict rules here and it’s suitable for all age.)

Pro Side: The site is well sorted by different categories, gene, male, female, anime, manga, game, artists and more, very easy to find tons of what you need.

Con Side: You have to register and win credits to download scans. You will have 5 credits for you to download freely 5 scans everyday, if you want more, you have to review or upload your scans to win points. And sometimes you may find what you want is deleted or removed, this is sad.

Certificate of Age: All age, probably

Anime Paper – Anime and Manga wallpapers and scans!

Summary: This is probably the best (rank high in Alexa) scans website and community I find.

Pro Side: A very huge website and the style is of my interest.

Con Side: It is something like Minitokyo, you have to win “Paper” this time to download scans, however, you can only upload scans to win points this time. The search function seems not very ideal and I cannot even find “Tony” items on the site, but you can find out “Shining Wind” instead, probably the sepcific ones are better.

Certificate of Age: All age, again.

moe imouto

Summary: This is my most frequently visit one. I go there everyday and it updates very fast.

Pro Side: You can find scans you can never find on Minitokyo and AnimePaper. Well, that’s explicit enough I think. The script is good enough and the search function is perfect, as well as the tag system (I love that!).

Con Side: You don’t even need to register to download, however, one thing to mention, very often the scans are huge (over 10M, or even 50M), you

Certificate of Age: R-18, strongly recommend…the site is very “unclean” sometimes…

Shuushuu Image Board

Summary: This is a website I found not a long time before, though not very good on the outside, the site does consists a lot of unique scans.

Pro Side: No need to register and all the scans, posts and reviews are post together like a forum, it’s unique but not well designed necessarily.

Con Side: Not very well sorted and not very contents are inside I suppose, if it is not the case, tell me! However, I do find some adorable scans here I may not find otherwise.

Certificate of Age: All age…I assume…

Konachan – Anime Wallpapers Imageboard

Summary: There’s a focus on this site, wallpapers, best I can find on the web.

Pro Side: The site uses the same platform as moe imouto, Danbooru.

Con Side: I don’t use this site very often, thus, no comments.

Certificate of Age: R-15, R-18


Summary: The official site of the original script of Danbooru Image Board. You can find lots of scans and wallpapers around.

Pro Side: The power of origin and creative.

Con Side:

Certificate of Age: R-15, R-18


Summary: This is the site I discover recently, doing pretty well indeed. Very friendly looking outside and you can check out their blog for more.

Pro Side: Very well designed and the blog combine with the gallery well.

Con Side: Not very rich in contents (basically all the eight sites are rich in contents…), but you can find something more than anime scans, like idols and more.

Certificate of Age: All age…

If you have more sites to review on, tell me!!

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