New Theme Set off on Christmas Eve


This is really an exciting moment and I’d like to announce that is now using its new theme! Just get noticed that when I first talking about making my own theme, it’s exactly one month ago when I assumed that I could have spend like half an year to learn the skill since I have little knowledge on CSS and PHP. Pretty glad to find myself way ahead of schedule!

Making one’s own theme is always a dream of a blogger, however, I’m just a geek and a part-time Otaku (trust me, somebody always wanna be a full-time one, probably including me ^-^), knowing little about coding. However, WordPress provides enough themes and tutorials for you to keep on and that’s the art of code. I spent an afternoon learning CSS and it proved that I’m capable of completing this task since I’ve already known HTML thus CSS won’t be an difficult one. Then I started to draft my theme on Photoshop and surprisingly it only took me one night to complete the design work. Well, I guess it was because I’ve really spent time visiting other beautiful sites and influenced by some of them.

People who poke around may get noticed that my new theme is quite alike Danny’s. Yeah, sure, I did a lot of works on different website and blog, including, . But I have to say that the idea of this theme mainly comes from Danny’s blog since I cannot really get that beautiful layout out of my head. I was deeply impressed by the simple and clean layout of, especially the quality of images and color patterns (putting a 750px photo in a post really works for me). Then I came up with something that I could improve. (Stilling finding Danny’s email address to inform him about this.)

However, the problem came, I’m using WordPress, and Danny coded his own site and it makes difference. I started poking around all kinds of website teaching CSS, layout and the codex of the template of WordPress. It surprised me that I only used one day to code the template of the frontpage which I used to think it could take weeks. Well, so far it seems that I’ve underestimated my ability and I gotta re-exam myself. Or it could simply be that we all capble of creating our own theme, there’s nothing difficult, even if you know little about coding.

When I’m pretty satisfied with my theme, the CSS and code of the template may be difficult to read since it’s the first time I wrote the whole style sheet. There’re tons of mistakes or unclean codes in the template but I will digg further to make them fresh and clean. If you found anything wrong, just tell me!

OK, it’s about the time. Happy Christmas Eve!

Last but not least, check out the credit page. I’ll elaborate them in a another post.

Special Thanks to Panther and Drieick who gave me supports and courage to challenge something I haven’t tried before.

Still in development:

  • Comment system
  • PNG files in IE6.0
  • tons of others…

Theme Credit:

Mascot: Art work from Hiro Suzuhira