New Year’s Greeting from TheAkiba

Happy New Year to all! Hope so far you have a wonderful holiday and to those who have already gone back to the office, take care. Some new series of this Winter have already been aired. Surprised to find that most of the quality of the series are way above my expectation. Guess we could have a lot to watch this time.

New Year Greeting from TheAkiba

Next thing on the top of my list is the new theme. Have been working on it for a while but ideas just didn’t come in time. Guess might have to put it off for some time but at the meanwhile I am also implementing some changes to the theme. Have tested some of it on my Local Host and may put forward some changes in a few days. And until all the major changes being made, the v5 theme will come into its place gradually.

Holiday has not yet ended to some of us, still, enjoy!

Illustration by nauribon (なうりぼん, blog)