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Akiba Newsletter is a weekly newsletter that will help you to save time and pay more attention to important works apart from this hobby. Akiba Newsletter is a free Newsletter that we send to our subscribers once a week, with roundup of Anime, Figures and Japan related news and articles. By sending to every subscribers in the weekend, Saturday in most cases, we provide our readers with a more comfortable experiences of browsing thru what’s new and fun during the week in an organized way.

What included in the newsletter, apart from popular content from TheAkiba, we also take a wide coverage of what’s happening around the Anime and Japan related blogsphere. Of course, we are not able to cover everything in a single issue of newsletter. If you have or find something interesting and would like to share with our readers, feel free to contact us.

We have a sample newsletter and we just want to give you a feeling of how Akiba Newsletter works. Check it out.