One Piece: TV Anime New Series Starts October

The TV Anime series of popular Manga One Piece has announced its new series coming this October. It’s not something very new and if you are following the Manga, you may know that series has entered the “New World” arc for a while and that’s what the TV Anime will begin to air in October 2nd.

One Piece

The story of the Anime starts from the 2 years after the war between pirates and marine. All the members of Straw Hat (Mugiwara) Pirates take the 2 years and train themselves ready for the coming “New World”. They are going to meet again at the place where they split.

One Piece Members

Big fan of the series. The author Eiichiro Oda (尾田 栄一郎) started the series 14 years ago (July 19, 1997) and we know the story has started the second half of the adventure. So, we probably have another 10 years before Mr.Oda can finish the story which also means we can still enjoy this great series in the coming 10 years even though some of us may become fathers or mothers at that moment :) What? You can expecting another eight new members? That sounds possible.

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