First Impressions: Oreshura

I know its a little late to be giving my first thoughts on Oreshura seeing that is 7 episodes in but i say better late that never, am i right? Oreshura is my favorite anime of the 2013 season. It rivals with my second favorite Tamako Market but it tops that due to the fact I’m a sucker for cute girls and a good love story. I had my eye on this show before it came out, and i became a fan almost immediately after seeing some images of the characters. The characters designs were done by Mai Otsuka and they were done superbly. She was able to design cute characters with an innocent look about them. Just looking at the characters you can tell what kind of characters they will be. This shows the level at which Mai Otsuka is able to design at. Its a hard thing to truly capture the essence of the character with still images and still images alone but she did an incredible job.



Eita Kido, a high school student who is very studious and very focused on getting into a good university so that he can become a doctor in the future. He is followed closely by his childhood friend Chiwa Harusaki who happens to be in love with him. Unfortunately for her Eita is anti love and has a strict policy about not caring for love. Due to his anti love conviction he is almost impervious to anything love related so he never notices the feelings of Chiwa, no matter how obvious she makes it. However his ideal world comes crashing down when the very beautiful and very charming Masuzu Natsukawa comes into the picture. Masuzu has returned from living abroad but has some major problems. Almost everyday she is confessed to by the boys at their school and she has had enough. She notices the one person in her class who has not even said hello to her, Eita. Yes Eita and Masuzu are in the same class but not once has Eita even introduce himself. What makes it even more shocking is that their seats are right next to the each other. 2 months after Masuzu’s return an unexpected even occurs. Masuzu confesses her love for Eita. Obviously his feelings are not the same but that does not deter Masuzu from forcing herself on him. One day afters school Masuzu grabs Eita and presses his arm against her chest and forces him to walk her home. During their walk home Eita pulls her aside¬† and accuses her of giving a fake confession. Of course she denies it but realizes their is no point in lying and reveals her plan to him. Her plan is to have Eita act as Fake boyfriend to fend off the relentless pursuit of the other boys. Eita is quick to refuse but Masuzu has the power to control Eita. She is in possession of a note book that Eita sold to a store long ago, this note book holds the ever so humiliating past of Eita where he use to believe he was a great warrior named “Burning Fighting Fighter”. Masuzu threatens to send the copies she’s made of the note book on her computer to the rest of the school if he does not go along with her plan. Eita has no choice but to comply. His newly founded relationship will not go unnoticed by Chiwa and she surely will not let Eita go without a fight.

My thoughts:

Orehsura is a hilarious anime. The moments i personally find the most hilarious is the awkward moments. Whether it is Masuzu turning on her charm, climbing on Eita and whispering something very suggestive in his ear. Or Chiwa doing something very foolish to prove to Masuzu that she is not interested in Eita, that she just wants to be popular. This leads to the club “Young maidens recreating themselves” being born. The club is dedicated to making their members (just Chiwa) insanely popular. The club members consist of Masuzu the clubs president, Eita and the main focus of the club Chiwa.With Masuzu in a position of power she cant help but toy with Chiwa and make her do some foolish things. I cant help but feel sorry for Chiwa because she is so easily manipulated but she is so stubborn at the same time. Still i cant have ill feelings towards Masuzu despite the fact she is the personification of the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover”. She looks very innocent and kind but underneath those looks lies a very rude, arrogant and sneaky girl. However we see as the series goes on she has her moments of innocence and affection towards Eita which makes me look at her in a different light. Especially when she does very daring things even when no ones around. Its obvious that she is developing feelings for Eita and because of this she has secured her spot as my favorite character on the series. Its nice to see that side of her. Someone pointed out that she does bare some resemblance to Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari, personality wise (thank you YoU). They both have looks that does not match their personality, they both love to torture the person they love.

Masuzu Natsukawa

Oreshura combines young love with comedy, two categories that are very commonly linked together. even so, the writers execute it magnificently and create a very funny yet romantic story. They show that love is not just a feeling but a battle. You must go through rigorous challenges and go to many lengths to get the one you love. It sounds grueling but the writers show this with a comedic light that emphasizes the love the girls have for Eita. The show is very colourful and has very diverse characters with personalities that are completely different from each other. The only common factor between them is the love they have for Eita. I’m so envious of Eita because he has girls throwing themselves at him left and right and he doesn’t even do anything to make it happen. I refrain from mentioning the characters that have just been introduced in the series because i feel it will be nice surprise for those who haven’t seen the show. I recommend this show to anyone who hasn’t seen it, i can guarantee you’ll be laughing form the start of the series until the end.