Poll: Favorite Character of Natsuiro Kiseki

Most of the new TV Anime series of this April aired their first episode, and the rest of them will make their appearances some time this week. As one of the most expected series of this Spring, Natsuiro Kiseki (夏色キセキ, A Summer-Colored Miracle) gives me a strong impression. Even though I still compare it with To Aru Kagaku no Railgun for the character setting, the series does attract my attention. More importantly, the series brings us some really good characters and I have just created a poll below to find out which characters our readers like most. If you haven’t started watching the series or it was not in your watch list, you may want to give it a shot.

Poll: Favorite Character of Natsuiro Kiseki

The order of the characters is from left to right in the above pic, in case you haven’t remembered their names: Natsumi Aizawa (逢沢 夏海), Yuka Hanaki (花木 優香) Rinko Tamaki (環 凛子) and Saki Mizukoshi (水越 紗季).

Favorite Character of Natsuiro Kiseki

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