Poll: Favorite Character of Hana-Saku Iroha

Anime series Hana-Saku Iroha (花咲くいろは) has received warm welcome and in my opinion, it is the best series of the season. Folks who have watched the series may be surprised by the high quality of the images and details, and of course, by those cute girls with different personality.

Fans who have already watched the latest episode might have noticed some exciting (?) events that were about to happen. In episode 6, Touru Miyagishi (宮岸 徹), the man who Minko (民子) is in love with seemed to become interested in Ohana (緒花). The look on his face when he was looking at Ohana was extremely funny. However, was Touru really looking at Ohana? If he indeed was, then it could become a love triangle which is quite interesting in my opinion but take all the aspects into consideration, we can also take it as that Touru was just a big fan of China Dress and Kimono, or a Cosplay manina (and third option is he was looking at Nako and her nice body style). Suddenly found out that Yuina (結名) is so cute during the show and guess she should deserve more attention.

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Favorite Character of Hana-Saku Iroha

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