Poll: Favorite Character of Infinite Stratos

The series has arrived around episode 7, pretty much the middle point of the season. It’s a really nice series but somehow cannot like it too much. Basically the characters are somehow plain except few of them really can stand out. And of course, the male protagonist Ichika is one of the idiots that we can see among lots of Harem series and we may just forget about this innocent guy and move on to our story.

Infinite Stratos

Have followed the series for half a season and it was indeed above average but only in terms of character design and hard work of the staffs while the story itself is just way disappointed and nothing could be expected. No differences between usual Harem series even they tried to inspire you with their innovation of Mecha stuffs. Okay, I am tired of Harem somehow but here’s one called Strike Witches. Yet Strike Witches is fine since all the characters are girls, no more Harem but just focus on the Moe and Ecchi stuff :D So, to sum up this series, that is a Harem series covered with vulnerable Mecha shield. Haven’t read the original novel but hope the Anime director could try to improve by reconstructing a new male protagonist with better personality and guess it could have a much better sale.

Okay, enough to shout at the series and please share your ideas and how you feel about the series. We accept blames and angers :) We (happened to) find many fans complain about the series. Check out how others talk about it on MyAnimeList.

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Favorite Character of Infinite Stratos

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