Poll: Will There be a Third Season of K-ON!?

You may have already noticed some rumors about the third season of Anime series K-ON!. Sources came from various channels including DVD orders, Blue-Ray and so forth. And this time, I’d like to bring forward some other “rumor” based on different assumption.


Kyoto Animation this time brought us a total 24 episodes for the second season, which doubled the number compared to the first season. And if you have already watched the latest episodes (21st) of the series, you will know that all the four girls are going to apply for the same college after high school. At this point, if they really success in entering the college, there will be possibility that a third season is coming forward and talking about their college life. But could it be if even they were admitted? Well, it’s only assumption and you may not want to how Azusa will be if the rest of the band member went to the same college. But there is possibilities.

And finally, please share your opinions and take your position in the following poll. Yui and Ritsu are both pretty cute on their face while serious.

Update: The increasing possibility of the third season, check out the post here.

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