PSP Game Shining Hearts Rocks

Another Shining series after Shining Tears, Shining Wind and again this time, as always, the characters are illustrated by our favorite illustrator Tony Taka while on PSP instead. The latest COMIKET (C79) is on the way and guess we should have a lot to expect this Winter.

Shining Hearts

Fans familiar with the series can call so many names, sure, with the great illustrations by Tony Taka, and the unique game systems. I personally tried the Shining Wind on PS2 for some time and it was quite good. Though it doesn’t stand out among all those fancy games like .hack series, GTA, WE11, it does do what it good at. And it’s worth playing. I even purchased a PSP to play this series and so far so good.


Interested in the game? You can get it on Amazon (EN, JP), Play-Asia and CDJapan. Visit the official website to know more about the series. Also you can join in the official campaign to win some beautiful illustration and CDs.