Psycho-Pass Second Season Announced

According to the announcement made by at Production I.G the Anime Expo 2013, the second season of TV Anime Psycho-Pass was announced. The script development and production are underway as the CEO mentioned in the event. Meanwhile, the official website was also updated with a notice of an “All Night” event to be launched on September 6 to screen the entire 22 episodes of the first season in selected theaters, as well as the “important announcement”.

Psycho-Pass is an Anime what I love to put as the Anime version of Minority Report. The 22-episode series aired in last October and it will be a great news for folks who love these kind of “Darker than Black” shows. Will get back for the airingĀ schedule.

September 6, 2013 According to the latest update on Twitter, in addition to a second season of the TV Anime, a movie was announced announced.

Source: ANN