Psycho-Pass Second Season Announced

According to the announcement made by at Production I.G the Anime Expo 2013, the second season of TV Anime Psycho-Pass was announced. The script development and production are underway as the CEO mentioned in the event. Meanwhile, the official website was also updated with a notice of an “All Night” event to be launched on September 6 to screen the entire 22 episodes of the first season in selected theaters, as well as the “important announcement”.

Psycho-Pass is an Anime what I love to put as the Anime version of Minority Report. The 22-episode series aired in last October and it will be a great news for folks who love these kind of “Darker than Black” shows. Will get back for the airing¬†schedule.

September 6, 2013 According to the latest update on Twitter, in addition to a second season of the TV Anime, a movie was announced announced.

Source: ANN