Recommended Anime of April 2009


Tons of Anime this month. Confused and don’t know which to watch? We’ve got a watching guide but it was only an brief introduction and nothing more. Here I’d like to share some really nice Animes of high quality both in story and character design with you. Some of them are shown in the previous post and some of them don’t. This is just a list of Anime that I enjoy, if you have more, share them! Here we go.



First time watching this Anime, I felt like I’m watching Strike Witches (check out the pic of Miyafuji Yoshika (宮藤 芳佳) below ^^) or Sky Girls. Watched further, the Anime was just awesome. Apart from the overall high quality of the screen and character design, the story itself is also attractive. The story line based on the original Manga series is really worth watching.

To be frankly I seldom play Mahjong. Even you can play well it has lots of rules and these rules can be quite different among nations, say, China and Japan (not sure but seems totally different).


Eden of The East / 東のエデン

Another great series indeed. I didn’t have much interests in this series in the first place basically since the character design is not quite my style. Later mentioned by Akibarika in the comment and I decided to take a tour. Great, the overall performance is of high level, the first time I watched the OP I got totally attracted by the way the Anime expressed itself. And now to me, this is a must watch, cheers! Check out the official website for more or visit Anime News Network to get more info of the story.


K-ON! / けいおん!

Emm…This one? Sure, guess it will be the best Anime of this season. Compared with other high quality Anime K-ON! seems plain, but thanks to Mio Akiyama, the Anime leap out of the circle.


Valkyria Chronicles / 戦場のヴァルキュリア

Valkyria Chronicles is originally a PlayStation 3 game, you can read more on the official website for the background of the game and the Anime. I don’t have PS3 so I have no comments on the game. And about the Anime, this is truly well done. Highly recommended.


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood / 鋼の錬金術師

What can I say about this Anime? Everybody knows it and everybody seems to be interested in the story even though we have already finished watching the whole story. The so-called “second season” comes with the manga story line, to those who haven’t read the manga or watched the first season, definitely check it out.