Recommended Anime of January 2010

Tons of new Anime were released in January. Guess folks have watched some of them. Indeed most of the series are good enough to follow this month. Some news have released about the coming April Anime release and we will bring some of them to you in the following months. And here start the recommendation.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu / バカとテストと召喚獣 (13 episodes)

One of the best among all the release of January. Supported by the great novel, the Anime is much better than I have expected. The story is quite fun and the Baka male protagonist is quite unique compared with other male characters of other Anime. In all, thirteen episodes are not enough for us.

Ladies versus Butlers! / れでぃ×ばと! (12 episodes)

This is an absolutely NSFW series. The male protagonist is quite different from other series of this kind and it impressed me the first time. The story is interesting and the relation among the main three characters is well designed. What’s more, you can never tired of enjoy Saabisu (サービス) scenes.

So Ra No Wo To / ソ・ラ・ノ・ヲ・ト (12 episodes)

First thing came to my mind about this series. A second season of Anime K-ON!? Yes, actually the second season of K-ON! is confirmed but the series we are talking about has nothing to do with music (well, yes, it does have something to do with music). The character design is slightly better compared with K-ON! You would like to try the series out if you like Anime has only female characters :)

Hanamaru Kindergarten / はなまる幼稚園 (12 episodes)

This is a unique series of the month. If you are tired of Anime full of beautiful girls and Saabisu, you will like to try this one out. The story is about daily life of three little girls in the Kindergarten. Kind of like the child version of Minami-Ke (みなみけ).

Omamori Himari / おまもりひまり (12 episodes)

Actually the series is way below my expectation. The character design is way worse than the manga and the male protagonist is way stupid than expected. So normally the only way to enjoy series like this is either listen to the voices and ignore every movements and speech made by the male protagonist. And things left are beautiful girls. Anyway, the manga of the series is recommended.