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Thanks for your interests to become a regular member of TheAkiba. Before applying for a position, you may want to read through this post and have a basic understanding of the current status of the blog. TheAkiba is a blog made to house Japanese culture, Anime related news, reviews, engage people in discussing popular topics and trends. You probably heard of it somewhere else on the blog. So let’s say it in a different way. TheAkiba is aiming to be the world’s best online publication that delivers an international perspective on the latest news about Anime, Manga, Gaming and Japanese Culture.

The Benefits

TheAkiba currently serves more than 70,000 unique visitors and over 125,000 page views every month. By becoming a member of TheAkiba, you can more or less add some highlights to your online profile. To point out, we don’t have a revenue sharing program on TheAkiba and all the revenue generated will be reinvested in the blog. If you are interested in getting an intern with a reward after becoming a regular author, you can try apply for a position on ANN instead.


TheAkiba is a blog for a wide range of readers across the world, and in order to make the content suitable for all readers, we have some specific requirements for everyone applying for a position.

  • We write in English, and we ask our applicants to be native speakers. Know more than one language? That’s even better. (Japanese as second language is also preferred)
  • Your time and availability is important.
  • Of course we cannot fail to mention the most important requirement: you have to be an Anime lover. It should be passion and personal interest that drive you to this page.

Important, Plagiarism

Please be noted that we do check for Plagiarism and will not accept any content violates copyright. Even in a news post, you, as either a guest blogger or regular member, need to write original content by providing different perspectives. If some parts of the content are quoted (like synopsis of certain series), you will need to provide reference to the original posts or websites.

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