Rental Magica: Mahou Tsukai to Kamikakushi Anime Listed

Anime series Rental Magica (レンタルマギカ) has recently listed its new Anime adaptation. With a subtitle of Mahou Tsukai to Kamikakushi (魔法使いと神隠し), the series first got its green-light back in 2007 with a total of 24 episodes. It was a good Anime with a little sorry on the story :) And of course Adelicia (アディリシア) is cute. The original light novel is around its 20th volume and we are pretty soon able to see the ending and it will even better that a second season is coming along side.

The news was first revealed on the iOS application of BOOK☆WALKER which is designed by KADOKAWA. So far no other information was released. Whether it would be a second season, an OVA or even a movie, still a puzzle. Stay tuned and will bring up the latest updates. News via Otaku.