Results For The Steam Giveaway

Thank you to all participants of last weeks first giveaway of 2013, it was a huge success and the comments were a joy to read, picking two winners was very difficult however Congratulations to the winners who have been selected and received their prize of The Ship on Steam, the winners were JuJu for here post about her Favourite Anime Sankarea (Below) and Pedro for his post about his favourite Anime Clannad Congrats and have fun (Below)

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My favorite anime is Sankarea. it’s because the anime seems to be funny but deep inside it’s sad. The male protagonist dreams came true, yes it does as the series progress unlike the female protagonist where she only wants freedom.To begin with she came from a family where her mother is already dead, her father is really obsessed on protecting her, her step mother who seeks attention from her father and all the maids with a fake smiles really drags her to the corner. So she became a zombie by drinking the male protagonist’s potion before she dies. Her dream is to live as a normal girl which cannot happen because she is a zombie! But the touching part is her lover will do everything to grant her wish!

The reason why I love this anime is because even how impossible our dreams are, as long as we’re not alone and we continue to fight, we may reach our dreams! could not be forever but at least, we feel and experience it along the process no matter what the results are.


My favorite anime was “Clannad”.

The reason for it is that it touched on a different genre away from the “super” that was so hyped at the time it started airing. It had a moral and ethical message in almost every episode. Had and still has one of the best story lines and with the alternate story that makes no sense at first, it is needed at the end of the series to understand the meaning of the series.

It was also the first series that made me feel what the characters felt, made me cry (and I’m a guy) and laugh very hard at the same time. Every character got explored and a story told, and every story was strong.

They made a good job with the script that one of the character’s story is tied to the way the series end, it explains what happens and why, and I didn’t see it until the end and then re-watched the series to catch it.

*spoiler alert*
The anime is so strong, that I showed the sunflower episode of the second season to a friend that doesn’t like anime, and she cried of how beautiful and touching the episode was.

For me it is my favorite and the best anime because of how well it was written, animated, showed and presented with the powerful music at the key moments. It is the only anime I have watched from start to end five times, and after I submit this, I feel like watching it again.