Rinne no Lagrange: Original Anime to be Aired in 2012

Rinne no Lagrange: Flower declaration of your heart (輪廻のラグランジェ, short for Lag-Rin), an original TV Anime has just announced to be aired in 2012. So far, no other information about the series is released and the official website will be started on August 19. Will bring more insights at that time.

Rinne no Lagrange

However, we still have some rumors that Production I.G may be responsible for the series. So, we probably can expect something like Eden of the East, Ghost in the Shell, and Blood-C. Also, if you check out the work list of Production I.G, you may find out the company decided to make a Blood-C movie in 2012.

The illustration on the official website is done by Haruyuki Morisawa (森沢 晴行). We can tell from the description on the illustration, the word ジャージ which means tracksuit or sportswear that you normally see when students are having their P.E. class. So we can tell that the story has something to do with their student Sportswear Club (ジャージ部) even though what we see in the illustration is Seifuku and mini-skirt, and beach of course. Probably a love drama and the possibility of Harem is close to zero since it’s Production I.G. May be we can really enjoy this series in 2012 and first, we enjoy this cute illustration. Stay tuned and we will bring more upon the open of the official website.

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