Robotics;Notes TV Anime in October

According to the official website, TV Anime of Robotics;Notes will be aired in this Fall, starting from October 2012. The announcement of the Anime adaptation was back in late March. With the original game produced by 5pb., the story revolves around our two protagonists of a high school robotics club in an alternate future world after Tokyo’s Shibuya district was destroyed in 2009. The official Twitter account also indicated that the series will have two cours/seasons, around 25 episodes. We talked about lots of great series are coming this October. With the introduction of Robotics;Notes, we are quite sure it will be an extremely busy and happy season. And for the season, it could be the best this Fall.

Robotics;Notes TV Anime in October

The promotion video provides us a really high quality Animation and excellent character design and we have already seen a huge impact around the corner. You can check it out on the official website (much higher quality) or on Youtube below. Of course, you don’t want to miss the gorgeous staff and cast list at the end of the video.

Robotics;Notes is 5pb.’s third science adventure game after Chaos;HEAd and Steins;Gate and was released last month. If you consider it as fast pace, then 5pb. would surprise you again by announcing the forth science adventure game during the Kagaku Adventure Matsuri 2012 Summer (科学アドベンチャー祭り, Science Adventure Festival) in Tokyo’s Akihabara. So far only one image was shown on Famitsu.


In Robotics;Notes, the player assumes the role of Kaito Yashio, someone who enjoys fighting games. He is in his school’s robot club. The story begins when the protagonist finds out that one of Robotics;Notes’ main heroines is actually a genius programmer who created the game engine for a world renowned fighting game. The main character then decides that he wants to create a robot based around command inputs and motion capture technology. He decides to go to the karate club to look for someone to perform the motion capture sequences. (summary via Wikipedia)

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