Rumor: Chihayafuru Second Season

On TheAkiba, we share the love of one of the fall series in 2011, Chihayafuru (ちはやふる). As the series ended yesterday in Japan, we are more than happy to learn that the second season of the Anime was confirmed, secretly. As our source indicated, the confirmation was announced by the staffs and producers without informing the media or press. Expectations have been arose and the second season of the TV Anime will be around early next year, from January to April. And we are likely to see the official announcement coming soon.

Rumor: Chihayafuru Second Season Confirmed

The rumor may not sound that convincing to our readers. But as you recall what we have about another TV Anime of similar genre (not really) Skip Beat, we have been waiting for years and the second season still not coming. However, we are more or less confident with Chihayafuru, and will keep you posted in the following weeks.

Update: The second season of the TV Anime was confirmed!

Source: Purisoku