Screenshot of the Week 5: Hyouka

 “I don’t do anything I don’t have to. What I have to do, I do quickly.”

Hyouka (氷菓) is my favorite Kyoto Animation (京都アニメーション) show to date. The three arcs were pretty diverse, slow paced and quite detailed. I thought the characters were going to be classic stereotypes and pretty one-dimensional. Literally, every single one of them proved me wrong. They were all so interesting, relatable and you grow to appreciate them. The animation was superb specially when they capture Chitanda’s eyes. To put it simply, I really did enjoy this, the characters really did spice up the show. What really did impress me was how it wasn’t really dramatic, it basically took famous mystery stories (such as the A.B.C Murders by Agatha Christie) and toned them down to a high school setting. I really do hope KyoAni (京アニ ) makes more shows like this. This week, we are featuring a screenshot of two of the main characters, Eru Chitanda (千反田 える) and Houtarou Oreki (折木 奉太郎), from episode 7.


Houtarou Oreki (折木 奉太郎) was my favorite character last year. I could relate to him especially when he was talking about how he could never really be part of other people’s conversations and that it was just like watching them from far away.  Eru Chitanda (千反田 える) was just adorable. I didn’t like how sometimes she would literally force Oreki to find out something for her but other as than that I loved her. Their relationship as well is great especially during the last few episodes.  Houtarou Oreki (折木 奉太郎) is voiced by Nakamura, Yuuichi (中村,悠一) who is known for Tomoya Okazaki (岡崎 朋也) from Clannad: After Story (クラナド アフターストーリー),  Gray Fullbuster (グレイ・フルバスター) from Fairy Tail (フェアリーテイル) and Soushi Miketsukami (御狐神双熾) from Inu x Boku SS (妖狐×僕SS). Eru Chitanda (千反田 える) is voiced by Satou, Satomi (佐藤,聡美) who is known for Wendy Marvell (ウェンディマベル) from Fairy Tail (フェアリーテイル), Ritsu Tainaka (田井中 律) from K-On! (けいおん!) and Aria Shichijou (七条アリア) from Seitokai Yakuindomo (生徒会役員共).