Series Card Reloaded, Introducing Series Database

When I introduced the Series Card early last month, I did mention that it was an interesting way to explore new Anime. It is a concept that brings the very basic information that readers and visitors want to know without leaving them spend the next half an hour searching on the web for. It is quite useful, and I received lots of positive feedbacks. Some friends even asked me to build a WordPress plugin for the Series Card so people out there can use. I actually thought of that before building it. It’s interesting enough but there are two problems need to be solved before implementing this nice idea. The first is I will need some help from advanced programmers before we can build some APIs or widgets for it. It is crucial but it’s applicable. If you are a WordPress expert and want to help me out, you are most welcomed to fire me a message. The other problem about the plugin is, we don’t have enough data for all the series out there. You don’t need to take a visit at MyAnimeList or ANN before knowing what I mean. It is the case that I don’t have enough people work on the this. Thus the idea was killed. And sorry for those who sent me messages.

In order to solve the second problem, I made this new section of the site which I called it Series Database (well, it worths a name I think), just to expand the Series Card for future use. You can take the Anime Series Database as an advanced version of Series Card. It expands the categories and gives you information that you are not able to see on Series Card (Truly, you should not expect too much information on a small card, well, probably a Lightbox or something could help.).

Series Database

In a Series Database view (You can access to it by clicking on the title of the Series Card.), take Guilty Crown for example (Did I mention I am a big fan of Ayase?), you will see a huge image/slide along with the basic information of the series. Not a very special tune but I just want to make it a little bit nice looking. Apart from what you have already seen on Series Card, scroll down a bit to see more information including user reviews, release date, producers and more are coming. The complete genre list is on the left side where you can easily navigate through.

Friends may complain that the layout will too wide in this case. Well, take a look at the page in your browser carefully. See, the layout fits well to your browser resolution. Now, resize your browser, or even view it on your iPhone, iPad. Again, the layout adjusts to fit nicely for your screen. This is a new trend of the future theme development which we refer to as Responsive design. With the help of Media Queries of CSS3, designers can easily write different styles for different browsers, resolutions and devices. To implement these nice trick, I use Reverie Framework, a HTML5 WordPress framework that I created to help myself for future theme development. I have already released the framework on my blog ThemeFortress. You can check out my post for the detail of this framework.

The information written both on the Series Card and Series Database are all from the web, either Wikipedia, MAL, ANN or anywhere on the web. The Series Database is still under development. If you find any bugs, problems or have some awesome ideas (like what do you think I should add to the Series Database), don’t hesitate to contact me, either in the forum or comment below.

No, I am not Building a MAL or ANN Clone

As you can see, I am not intended to make the site a MAL clone, not yet.

Your Contributions Now

There are lots of ways you can help us to build the site. The Database is pretty empty now, why not start by submitting some awesome reviews of your favorite series? Your content will be displayed in the database and readers can access site-wide. If you have a blog or website, you will get a back-link as well. Take it as a different kind of guest blogging. Don’t want to be that stereotype? Just leave a short comment about your thoughts, ideas on the Database. You can use the contact form here.

Where is the New TheAkiba?

The forum we opened a while ago, together with Series Database are part of the future version of TheAkiba. I basically just try to roll these things out one by one, accepting feedbacks and A/B testing them along before releasing the new theme. The upcoming new design of TheAkiba will be similar to the forum and Series Database. And in fact, I’ve also redesigned the Series Card itself, but to implement to the current theme seems to be too much work, thus I will only release the new design when the new theme of TheAkiba is online. These are all built on Reverie Framework, and of course, with heavy customization.

Join TheAkiba!

We are hiring. I don’t mean we are actually hiring since I won’t be able to pay you. There is no contact, no employee discount, no pension, no misunderstanding. If you are interested in becoming a regular author (positions are wide open), feel free to leave me a message.