Series of the Week 1: Natsume Yuujinchou

Have you ever encountered this kind of problem? You have tons of work that you will need finish next week but you do not want to do anything at this moment and of course you are not out of your mind. Probably you just need a rest or probably you need something to refresh your brain from escalating too much. Okay, take a deep breath and watch some Anime :) This is what I do sometimes when I do not have anything to do on my to-do list and may be it will be helpful for you to relax a little bit. So here is our new series of posts. I’d like to bring up a series to you every weekend so you may want to enjoy watching it (luckily you don’t have to finish it at one time). However, series in this column may not be something that will attract your mind at a first glance, but you may sure someday find out that it was worth watching. In this column, the series reviewed will be more focus more on a niche side of the street and will sure bring you different experiences from the usual hot series you see around the web.

Natsume Yuujinchou

Title: Natsume Yuujinchou / 夏目友人帳

So far two seasons were aired with 13 episodes each. Visit the official website.

The Story

For as long as he can remember, Takashi has been cursed by the ability to see spirits, a power inherited from his grandmother Reiko. Upon her death, Reiko bequeaths to her grandson her Book of Friends, a book containing the names of spirits Reiko had bullied into servitude. The Book of Friends is a highly prized item in the spirit world, and spirits hound Takashi constantly. Whereas Reiko formed the contracts, however, Takashi spends his time dissolving the contracts and releasing the various spirits that come to him for help. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t malicious spirits trying to kill him. Which is where Madara (called Nyanko-sensei by Natsume) comes in; Madara serves as Natsume’s bodyguard and spiritual advisor of sorts, even though he is motivated by his own desire to possess the Book of Friends. He later on begins to become more attached to Takashi. (via Wikipedia)

Natsume Yuujinchou Screenshot

Our Comments

The series is different from what we used to watch. No surrounded by tons of beautiful girls, nor very high tension battle scenes. It’s about usual, and unusual life stories happened around Natsume, the boy with the cursed ability inherited from his grandmother Reiko. Fans who have watched or read the Manga of the series may know that the stories are very heart-warming ones and you will sure to be touched. Basically every one or two episodes form a single story that takes place among Natsume and the Youkai (妖怪). In every episode, Natsume returns the name to the Youkai and when he is doing this, he can see the story happened before the Youkai and his grandmother Reiko.

Some latest news about Natsume Yuujinchou. The latest issue of LaLa which will be released on Feb. 24th. turns out to have something to say about the series. What it could be? A new season which is much expected, an OVA or a movie? Will bring you the latest news about this touching series.

The Rating: 9/10

Happily we don’t provide very detailed rating according to subcategories like music, graphic, character, story since it may seem too redundant. We don’t need that many reasons to like an Anime. Like it or not, it’s what we feel and we may need to judge it by ourselves. Thus instead we will give you a rough number of recommended meter to you from our subjective view. Back to the series, the rating is very high and I do think it worth you time to try it. What’s more, am sure you will put it in your “Favorite Anime List”.

Have you watched this series before? If you do, how did you like it? Tell us in the comment.