Series of the Week 2: Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

Long time from the previous series. We would like to bring you one really attractive story and one that will sure to catch your mind, and it is Gankutsuou (巌窟王).

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

Title: Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo / 巌窟王

One seasons were aired with 24 episodes. Visit the official website.

The Story

The story takes place in the far future of the 51st Century, during the year 5053. While visiting Luna for the festival, Viscount Albert de Morcerf and Baron Franz d’Épinay make the acquaintance of the Count of Monte Cristo, a self-made nobleman. When they part, the Count promises to visit Albert in Paris. After he arrives, he introduces himself to the most powerful families in France (the Morcerfs, the Danglars, and the Villeforts). The general plot of Gankutsuou, while broadly the same as the novel on which it is based, changes many aspects of the source material. In the novel, the narrative arc follows the Count chronologically; in the anime, the story begins with Albert and Franz meeting the Count on Luna (which occurs, in Rome, many hundreds of pages into the book), and the Count’s back story is pieced together throughout the series. The anime’s plot includes supernatural elements, talking about space travel, computer systems and robots, different fates for some characters, the disposal of several side-plots, and an altogether different ending. (via Wikipedia)


Our Comments

Wonder how many of you heard of Alexandre Dumas? A French novelist, and also my favorite writer in Europe. Read several of his works during university. Guess his style of writing is quite unique (you should admit that every master has his/her own style of writing) and is quite my taste. And among all those I read, The Count of Monte Cristo is still my favorite (no one of).

The novel was not put into one of Dumas’ masterpiece because of the theme is about revenge and the male protagonist (Edmond Dantes) succeeded by using tons of money, as well as his intelligence. Though the theme is not to advocate money is the king, it did have something to do with why my favorite novel was not listed among the best literature of the world.

Back to the Anime, the series is somehow based on this novel though we can see tons of differences including the time and space, even ending. If you have watched the movie directed by Kevin Reynolds, you will probably find even more different plots and I have to admit that I really don’t like the movie compared with the novel. But the most interesting part in the Anime could be the relationship between Albert and Eugenie who are the son and daughter of Fernand and Danglars. The relationship of the two young people is totally different from what it is in the original novel, but quite lovely indeed.

The Rating: 8/10

The first time that I noticed about the Anime series, I was quickly getting interested because I was a big fan of the novel. Even though I really like the series, it does have something to improve, especially the ending. Would much prefer the ending of the novel, which is most reasonable to me. But it is really a great series and you will sure enjoy watching it.

Have you watched this series before? If you do, how did you like it? Tell us in the comment.