ShoukoChan: Fashionable Anime T-shirt

This is a guest blogging from Ka Yin, the owner of ShoukoChan.

ShoukoChan is a collection of modern and fashionable Anime T-shirts that launched in July 2013. The project originally started when I was looking for a Date-a-Live T-shirt back when the series (season 1) was airing. I was really into the series then (My favorite character was Kurumi). Some designs are available, but they screams too much Anime for most to comfortably wear on a day out. Full body prints T-shirt from Japan looks great, but it is definitely not in trend with the conservative Anime culture where most of us live.

Current design in progress. Yuuki/Zekken from Sao 2. Which pose do you prefer?

Japanese Anime t-shirts looks awesome, but it probably is not your preferred choice of T-shirt for most occasions.

I searched around the internet for a month and I realised that fashionable and trendy Anime T-shirts are nowhere to be found, so we decided to design our own! It started as a small project with one design, the Kurumi Nightmare T-shirt, but as more friends and strangers were asking if they could purchase the T-shirt and if we have other designs available, we decided to start ShoukoChan.

Hence, ShoukoChan was born! The goal of ShoukoChan is to bring Anime fans worldwide cool and modern Anime fashion they can wear proudly on any occasion.

We do that by incorporating current clothing trends and styles in the design. Design by coming up with a theme. For example, the Gasai Yuno T-shirt’s theme was “Moments before the universe’s end”. The movie Inception and 2012 was a source of ideas for the background design. What do you think of it?

Gasai Yuno
Gasai Yuno Future Desolation T-shirt: Full Color and intricate details on a super soft 100% premium cotton T-shirt!

We currently have 21 designs available and come up with a new design every 2 months. All T-shirts are made and shipped from Singapore.

We hope you like the designs and feel free to drop us a visit or let us know your T-shirt design requests! Our website is: