Skip Beat! OP2: Renaissance


Just surprised by the latest episode of Skip Beat! (20). I hadn’t thought of there’s a new opening song for the Anime series since I am really satisfied with the OP1 Dream Star. Some fans on sites of Skip Beat! discussed about how many episode there will be. Since the new OP was released in episode 20, there should be another 20 episodes left (altogether 41 episodes, probably), and we will be able to watch the exciting “Dark Moon” drama acted by Kyoko in the future. Probably Sho Fuwa will show up later and I’d like to enjoy the great love triangle ^^.

The Single of the OP2 will be released on 11th. March 2009.

Check out the post here to get the full version.


  1. Heart
  2. 未来の扉
  3. Renaissance