So It Becomes Real? K-ON! Manga about University and High School Life

We have been aware that the Manga of K-ON! was back but what will the story be this time? The four girls graduated from high school and were planning to go to the same college but there were also some left, Azusa and Ui. What it will be?

Before moving forward, let’s review some events happened before. We had an interesting discussion on whether there would be a third season of the series last year. If there were one, what would it be like? Still remember that we’ve made a lot of assumptions that there might be a story about the four girls went to the same college and start their new music life? Well, guess our guess had came true.

Half year later, we received the news that the Manga of K-ON! is back. And a few days ago, we had confirmed that the story of the new Manga of K-ON!. As we talked about before (and also in our college story assumption), there will be two separate lines of story. One will be the university story including all the four cutes girls Yui, Mio, Tsumugi and Ritsu and it will be published on Manga Time Kirara since April 9. We also had some unconfirmed news about the detail that the four girls will live in the same dorm and three more new characters will also be introduced. And for another line, the high school story line will be published on Manga Time Kirara Carat since April 28. No further news about this one.

Some of our guesses came true and so it’s time to make another assumption. I would expect a third season coming around Summer 2012. There will be a movie of the series coming December 3 2011 so there should not be any movements from the Tokyo Animation this year. Taking the magazine issue into consideration, one year would have enough content for Anime adaptation. Let’s just hope it would come true again :)