Sparrow’s Hotel TV Anime Announced

Takeshobo will announce on Monday that an anime adaptation of Sparrow’s Hotel has been green-lit.  This manga has been serialized in the manga magazine Manga Life (まんがライフ) since 2008 and is still currently ongoing.  The story revolves around Sayuri Satō, a front desk worker at the Sparrow’s Hotel. She takes down people who cause mishap around the hotel with her large breasts and skills of assassination. She does have problems specking to the hotel manager and bites her tongue..

Sparrow's Hotel TV Anime Announced

Judging from the fact that this is a 4-Panel comedy, this will probably be a 5 minutes series. I don’t really like the character design, the breasts and hips are too excessive (as we have seen many times before). I do not have expectations for this and I believe it won’t be a very entertaining show.