Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

Starcraft 2, probably the most anticipated game of this year by many gamers out there has been released on the 27th. This post is a little different than the other posts on the blog, don’t think there has been a game post on here at all. Anyway, I had a chance to play through the campaign and actually finished it in a day.

The Swarm is back and even fiercer than ever, with the Queen of Blades as the leader of the ferocious beasts the battle heats up again as the Terran and Protoss try to stop her. In this first chapter/part it’s all about James “Jim” Raynor and his Raiders.

It took less than a day to finish the campaign and I’ve got to say, it was fun. I have played the Beta before but the units you can build in the campaign mode are way different than what you can build in the multiplayer. For example some starcraft 1 units: Goliath, Vulture, Wraith and Medics (not medivac). There are a lot more units and structures which don’t appear in the multiplayer. Blizzard did a fine job, only thing that kind of bothered me was the voice acting of the units, Wraiths/Vultures/Goliaths/Siege tanks doesn’t sound as cool as they did in the first game, it had some “badass-ness” to it but now.. they sound like wimps. The campaign made has also added some extras, you can upgrade your units with credits, which seems weird though. You can upgrade your refinery to harvest gas without SCVs or have Ghosts cloak without using energy =s…
Other than that, the graphics are great, sounds/music is good, gameplay has remained the same (which is a good thing imo).
I don’t like the singleplayer as much as I like the multiplayer though ;).