Ask the Commenters: Are You Still Watching Blood-C?

Blood-C has been within my watch list of the Summer season. It is also a series that I was recommended by our readers to follow, and I did. But ever since the 7th episode, I was getting a bit confusing about the relationship of Blood-C and xxxHolic.


Recently, the director of Blood-C Tsutomu Mizushima (水島 努) has replied to the critical comments from fans about the series on his blog. MyAnimeList has the interview translated and I have it copied and pasted as below:

Question: Did you put an emphasis on the brutal scenes?
Mizushima: No, I didn’t. I regret that such scenes appeared to be emphasized due to the censorship by the TV companies.

Question: The bleeding blood is spouting like tap water. Did you directed in that way because this is “Blood” series?
Mizushima: I know it’s exaggerated too much, but I made the bleeding scenes unreal not to make the audience feel unpleasant. Being a “Blood” series is unrelated to the direction.

Question: I heard you intentionally direct the anime in a way to show it incongruous, but I think excessive unnaturalness will end up spoiling the anime and the audience will be bored. What do you think?
Mizushima: If you think Blood-C is boring, I feel really sorry for that. However, I’ll keep on believing in my policy of direction since I don’t know how to control the impression of the audience. Please don’t take that I won’t listen to the opinions from fans. Of course, I respect the reactions of the audience, but please let me sort out among them.

Now, it’s your turn. Are you following the series? How do you like it? How do you think the answer to the fans by the director? Have you followed the previous series Blood+? Interested in joining some other debates? Take a look at our complete Ask the Commenters series.