A Brief Summary of 2011

Year 2011 almost come to and end, and probably ended for half of our readers. Time to get a summary for what happened and what’s in our mind for the coming year. Lots of things happened this year. I finally had another regular writer Saito joining me and accepted several guest writers along the way. It is the third year of the launch of TheAkiba and I did see the traffic increased as I write more posts this year. Even though more factors should be taken into consideration, let’s just take a look at what those metrics are.

Metrics of 2011

Metrics of 2011

  • Posts: 343
  • Reader Comments: 1572
  • Registered Users: 211
  • Site Visitors/Page Views: 411,343/753,500
  • Alexa Rank: 146,665
  • RSS Subscribers: 449
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 414
  • Twitter Followers: 377
  • Facebook Fans: 953

As you can see from the graphic, the traffic is increasing steadily and we currently have a stable 1,500 unique visits per day. Not a big number but I do feel that we met most of the goal.

Achievements, Milestones and Events

Launch of Facebook Fan Page: During January 2011, I updated the Facebook fan page to make more use to the social media giant to help promote the site. Not a very huge impact but I did received lots of greetings from all the social friends. We grow and have around 950 fans during the year.

TheAkiba V5 Launched: In early March 2011, the fifth version of TheAkiba was launched. Note a big change from the previous theme, I did managed to tweak it all along the way. TheAkiba is still in its fifth version and as you might have already known, I am working on the new theme, as well as a community for the site. Stay tuned and will bring up the new theme in January or February.

Akiba Newsletter: Akiba Newsletter is a project to help our readers to get updated with Anime news and reviews, Japanese pop culture and so forth. The newsletter will be sent to your mailbox every weekend so you can get a weekly recap of what happened during the week or month. We currently have around 410 subscribers since the launch in September. If you haven’t tried it out, subscribe now.

Akiba Network: Akiba Network is another project that I created to showcase selected articles from the quality online publications with main focus on Anime, Manga, Games, Figures and Japanese Pop Culture. The project is currently under revamp, but will be depended on how things turned out to be.

Series Card: Series Card is a simple card style database that displayed at the end of each posts showing you useful information about the related Anime in the posts. It’s a quick way to help our readers to get more insights into the series we are talking about. Also, I built a new Series Database on the top of Series Card so our readers can click and find more details about the series.

Forum: The forum is a placeholder before the release of the community. Get in and have fun.

ThemeFortress: ThemeFortress is a WordPress related blog that focuses on bringing you tips about theme design and develop. On ThemeFortress, you will learn about basic settings and developing of your own WordPress blog. From installing a simple copy, setting up your local testing environment, to design and code your own theme, super charge and fortify your theme with powerful framework and proper plugins. It’s something I enjoy doing and separated from TheAkiba.

Japaneta: Japaneta is another separate project from TheAkiba.

Considered the fact that I launched too many projects during the year, will definitely slow down and polish them in the upcoming years.

For more about what Anime series aired this year, take a look the following list. Also, check out our latest post and vote for your favorite series in 2011.

What about 2012?

What’s the plan for 2012? I haven’t thought too much about it. It will be definitely great to have a full agenda in my to-do list, but let’s just take a breath and think before the leap. Probably stabilizing the site will be main goal in 2012, but so far, I don’t know, no specific requirements should be met, right? Hope all of you had a great year, and see you in 2012.