Sword Art Online, 12th Tokyo Anime Award Winner

The winners of the 12th Tokyo Anime Award were announced at Tokyo International Anime FairOokami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (おおかみこどもの雨と雪) was chosed as the winner of both the Animation of the Year and Feature Film Category. As for the TV category, Kuroko no Basket which got lots of rumors these days was chosen, as well as another series that we are familiar with, Sword Art Online. MAL has a complete list. Personally I haven’t watched Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki but according to what I’ve heard, it definitely worths title. But for SAO, it really surprises (actually, was not surprised at all) me and guess I should rewrite the title here, the best April Fools’s joke of the year. I am not going to go detail into the process of how the winners were chosen and since they were already selected, they should be called the winners, regardless. But for SAO, lots of haters, including me, are going to be very unsatisfied about the results. And for average fans, the result is not a surprise since we can already predict it on our best 2012 Anime poll.

Best April Fools' Joke: Sword Art Online, 12th Tokyo Anime Award Winner

Accel World and Sword Art Online, The two series have the same author, and of course the similar quality. Without the high quality of the Animation or cast staff, the stories themselves are just plain, boring and arragant, and probably the most overrated series last year. I know lots of fans are going to be annoyed by my wording. Because I myself write my own novel (I know, nowadays, who doesn’t? Joining NaNoWriMo?), I can understand how the story was produced based on pure personal satisfaction. But it’s your story, you can write anything you like, even it’s just a personal satisfaction. But as readers, I do have my own thoughts on the author’s work. It’s just not something that you will say in an interview that if you don’t like my novel, write a better one yourself! I will just stop here, for folks who can understand the quote here, you get my point. For friends who don’t, just leave it here.

Don’t get me wrong, I did personally follow both series until the end and like the female protagonists (only part) as well. Both series turned out to be quite unique in the early stage but later, very quickly, fell into something cliche. Accel World seems better than SAO at this point since SAO is simply talking about how power Kirito is, and the rest of the characters are just nothing more than empty brains. The author (of course, for the Anime since I never read the novel) didn’t seem to care about the supporting characters, even including the final boss, which turns out to be a great joke. Well, there are always something bad in even the best series and it’s always hard to satisfy picky people like me. The above thoughts are based on the Anime only, haven’t read the novel so it’s hard to tell.

Ok, enough hates here and it turns out to be a  mystery that I enjoy writing about something that I don’t like. May be we should expand this category a bit to show our readers which series we don’t like that may turn out to be a hate speech debate in the end. One of our writer Grizzly has written a review of SAO, and we share some similar thoughts, probably with lots of others. For what should be considered as the winner of the event, I would recommend the following list, which definitely fits the description of Best Anime of 2012 and of course, it is biased.

Girl und Panzer

The first bet would be Hyouka (氷菓) and no doubt is my favorite series of the year. Unlike most of the mystery series, our protagonist Houtarou doesn’t born to be a super detective. Hyouka introduces the path of how Houtarou slowly becomes more and more engage in what he is good at. It’s a learning process, nobody is born to be a hero. If you enjoy casual mystery, you will probably have more fun with Conan. Well, actually, I enjoy both.

For Girls und Panzer (ガールズ&パンツァー), I am not sure how many people followed the series but I have to say it is one of the best of the year. The story line is not that complicated and the fighting scenes are full of passion. You probably know what the ending will be but just cannot stop wonder what will happen in the next episode. A good series is something like this, something that attracts audiences heart and something leaves them wanting more. We will have the final episode next week. Good time to mention it.