Teaser of Liar Game 2nd Live-Action Movie: Reborn

We have talked about the announcement of the second live-action movie of Manga series Liar Game two months ago. And now, the official website began streaming a 30-second trailer for the upcoming movie Reborn. In the teaser, you are able to see several characters that you are familiar with if you have followed the Japanese drama or the first movie. As we mentioned before, Nao Kanzaki (神崎 直), the female protagonist of the previous story are no longer the main character in the new movie (we don’t even know whether she will show up, sure I personally love to see Erika Toda (戸田恵梨香) in another upcoming movie SPEC.) Shinichi Akiyama (秋山 深一) played by Shota Matsuda (松田 翔太) will still be the protagonist and Shinomiya Yuu (篠宮ユウ) played by Mikako Tabe (多部 未華子) will be the heroine.