TheAkiba 2nd Anniversary! Free Ad Slots Giveaway!

Finally the day comes. Celebrating the second anniversary of TheAkiba. Thanks for all the visitors and fans and I am happy more than ever. It’s good to have a blog that you can write whatever you like and do not worry about piss somebody off. It’s the blogger’s own responsibility but it’s the visitors who create the atmosphere of being involved in this community.

Today, I would like to giveaway FOUR Ad Slots (last for one month) as a gift. Examples can be seen on the right sidebar with a dimension of 200 px by 125 px.

About the Competition

How to win?

It’s simple.

  1. Post a link to this competition, either on your websites, blogs or via Twitter.
  2. Leave a comment, letting me know where you posted the link

The competition will be ended in one week at 12 Am on October 3rd 2010 (Eastern Time). Winners will be announced in three days after the competition closed and will be picked by random.

This kind of giveaway does need a little work since you will have to create your own banner for your websites/blogs with a dimension of 200 px by 125 px. We will notify you by email after you win.

Missed the Chance?

Don’t worry, I am planning to start the competition every month and giveaway two Ad Slots each time (last for one month).

How does TheAkiba help to improve your websites/blogs performance?

TheAkiba is a Anime and Japanese culture related blog. The blog ranks in Top 100 of the Anime section of Technorati and has over 30,000 unique visits and above 400,000 page views every month. How much does it cost to buy a similar Ad Slot on TheAkiba? Check out our Advertise page and you can see the details.

A little history about TheAkiba

September 27th. 2008, the day that I start blogging and am ready to start my third year of being a blogger. The original TheAkiba was a Anime forum where fans sharing their ideas and interests and I still remember the day I bought the domain name from the supplier. It was August 3rd. 2005. And then it stuck half way and I was enjoying my college life. It was one night in my college dorm that I decided to start a blog about my interests. I’ve tried Joomla before I settled down with WordPress. And I posted my first post as a blogger on September 27th. 2008.