TheAkiba Redesign Completed: Forth Version

Finally the redesign of TheAkiba is completed. Currently running on the new V4 theme. Guess I am just tired. Have studied tons of websites before the idea coming out. Thanks to Tutsplus network, the main development of the code was done and I was able to finish coding in time. Although not many new ideas came to the theme while the features were increased. This is not an original design but an redesign based on the framework and layout of Tutsplus Network. Will continue digging into the detail and furnishing the look in the coming days. Right now just enjoy the feeling of satisfaction.

TheAkiba Redesign

What’s New in this Version?

The most exciting part of the new theme is the improved user browsing experience. The old theme is not very friendly at this point and may cause trouble when reading.

  • Improved user experience. This is the best part of the redesign. The layout is optimized for different width now. If you have a wide screen browser you may have already noticed. And what’s more, I’d love to say that the site is no more compatible to IE 6.0 or under. We HATE IE6.0 and would love to dump this evil.
  • Comment system was restore back to default. The Disqus Comment System has been remove and the comment system was set back to the default of WordPress. Disqus has many great features but the last thing I want from this comment system is the delay of the synchronization. You have to wait for a period (guess due to queue) before the comments show up in the back end and this is really frustrating. Though the default WordPress comment system is simple it does the job well. And the best part is I can style the whole system to fit the site theme.
  • Related post can now be found under each post. Had removed this function since the V3 theme but now it was back. You can now find post related to the current topic.
  • New ways of browsing the category pages, tag pages, archives and search pages. You can now find three ways of browsing the page which are according to date, alphabet and number of comments simply by selecting from the button on the right hand of the category title.
  • Image loading more user friendly. Thanks to the great Lazy Load Plugin for jQuery by Mika Tuupola, the site is now able to load images when scrolling. This reduces the loading time when opening a page with tons of images.
  • Improved social networking and visitor interacting. Better social media integration is done together with the theme. You can find Retweet, Facebook and Google Buzz at the bottom of each post. Simply click and share your favorite posts around your friends. Check out out Facebook Fan Page or follow us on Twitter.
  • The iPhone theme is still under development and will not come up in a short time. Basically because I am lazy :)
  • XHTML 1.0 Passed; and tons more…

Become One of Us!

Last but not least, I would love to have new friends joining our editor team. Currently the main content of the site is still written by me. Thanks to our new editor Snow who has joined in recently, the site is able to cover a lot more topics. We also welcome guest writers who have their own blog or not. Hope this will enrich the content of the site and put energy into the community.

Currently trying to think up a new name for the site. Any feedback or suggestions are welcomed!