TheAkiba Stats Report: September 2011

When I first set up the blog three years ago, I thought about two things. The first was what my blog stats looked like and the second was what about the other people. I was interested in finding out how other people’s websites perform and how they obtain all those huge traffic. The process was smooth and I steadily grow the traffic in a satisfied rate.

As I constantly check out blogs and websites of different industries, I am able to absorb interesting concepts and transform them into practice on TheAkiba. So this is one of the concept introduced by lots of bloggers, reporting blog stats. This is really interesting but people doing this always have a relatively high traffic since it would be a bit shame to show the readers they have only around 100 visits per day. It applies to me, I was interested in sharing how the site perform, in an acceptable traffic and not so embarrassed to show my readers.

There are lots of ways to track your website performance and most of them require a bit tweak and the rest of them only work on their own platform, like Alexa which only counts visitors who are using their extension and this leads to misinterpretation of the stats. But all these tools give you an overall picture of how your site is doing. And here we go.

Traffic and other Metrics

  • Posts: 41
  • Reader Comments: 75
  • Registered Users: 48
  • Site Visitors/Page Views: 43,871/80,313
  • Search Engine Visits: 28,181
  • Alexa Rank: 263,783
  • Alexa Rank (U.S.): 93,336
  • RSS Subscribers: 432
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 157
  • Twitter Followers: 267
  • Facebook Fans: 612

Achievements and Milestones

  • TheAkiba is three years old.
  • Facebook Fans: 600
  • Saito is now an official member of TheAkiba and I am very pleased to have such a talent joining me.
  • Check out our top posts of the month, complete archive for all the posts we published during September 2011.


Our traffic is quite steady this Summer, we have around 1,400 daily visits since we publish more frequently. I am pretty satisfied with the current post frequency and will keep it for a while until this Winter when I have more time to work on the site’s infrastructure.

For our goal of the next month, I am expecting a significant grow in the traffic due to the recent update on Google’s algorithm. It turns out that the new Panda is actually favoring TheAkiba and brought the blog twice the traffic since yesterday. I am pretty happy to know that Google is considering TheAkiba a high quality content site. But we all know this won’t last long if we stopping doing our jobs. Will continue to work on this and will post how the site perform next month. Stay with us, and we will bring regular updates.