TheAkiba V5 Blog Revamp

You might have already noticed several changes were made to the current theme of TheAkiba. With all the changes, it is still a V5 version, not something especially new for the main design. Also, the latest major update of WordPress was released yesterday on the Independence Day, thus I have time to do the final test on the stable version instead of the beta package running on my own MAMP. It’s a big change in UI for WordPress and it’s quite my style even though some folks don’t really appreciate it. The new features are also adorable, especially the distraction free writing panel which gives the chance to abandon my desktop writing client.

So let’s back to our topic and see what’s new in this revamp.

What’s new?

  • The first thing is about the new header which is inspired directly from KickStarter. The height of the header was decrease to 101 px which in return give more space for the content to show “above the fold”.
  • Second is about resolution. I have already introduced this feature in V4 and have brought it back to this revamp. The width of the site will be auto adjust to fit your browser resolution in 960 px or 1170 px which will be best for normal and wide screen respectively.
  • Third, have brought the latest Tweet from the footer section to the top. The most recent Tweet will be shown so you can have a look at what the site is up to. Also I occasionally retweet some good posts and you may want to check them out.

Guess that’s all about the new updates about the current theme. Another thing to mention is about the old Danny Choo Theme that I created two years ago. Will find some time to update it to compatible with the latest version of WordPress (3.2). Apart from the old theme, I will release another Danny Choo theme which was created right after the Danny Choo theme and has the same layout as the DC theme running on Danny’s blog at that time. But still, I will need to ask for Danny’s permission for the release. Will get back to you soon.

One more thing, I was always struggling from WordPress built-in comment system and Disqus. They all have their their own advantages and it’s quite a difficult decision for me to make. So I am asking my readers for the advice. Which comment system do you prefer? The default WordPress one or the Disqus comment system (the one we are currently using)?